The Appalachian Center for the Arts announced that it will broadcast, or live-stream, a performance of its recent children’s show this Thursday for everyone staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The App had planned to host matinee performances of its latest play, “Charlotte’s Web,” for schools around the region from March 17-28. The play is based on the famous children’s book of the same name.

However, when all schools across the state closed and transferred to using non-traditional instruction (NTI) days on March 12-13 due to concerns over the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the App’s scheduled school performances were canceled. The App, like many other businesses and facilities, closed to the public, following state health guidelines.

The App announced on its Facebook page Tuesday that, after consulting with state officials, it has been cleared to broadcast a live performance of "Charlotte’s Web” at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, on “The Appalachian Center for the Arts” Facebook page through Pike TV.

The App said in a statement that the show will be performed without an audience with the performers obeying the social distancing guidelines.

“We are extraordinarily proud of our cast and crew for being able to make the adjustments necessary to bring this wonderful live performance into the homes of you, our App family, during this challenging time,” the App said in a Facebook post. “Please tune in with the whole family and enjoy this funny, heart-warming tale of love and friendship. Thank you for your continued support of The App and we look forward to bringing more wonderful entertainment to you this way during our collective moment of staying in."

The link to watch the performance can be accessed on The Appalachian Center for the Arts Facebook page,

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