Letter of Agreement

Elizabeth Robinson, Heather Justice and Allison Powers with the Big Sandy Road Runners and Alexis Batausa, Jackie Cole and Rudy Mancuso, Jr. with the Tug Valley Road Runners signed a letter of agreement Monday to co-create the duel-cities “Hog Trial Race Series.”

The Tug Valley Road Runners Club and the Big Sandy Road Runners Club announced Friday they are teaming up to host first local dual-city race series with the signing a letter of agreement between the two clubs to formalize the partnership.

The Hog Trial Race series is three races: The “Spring Cleaning 5K” in Williamson, West Virginia on March 23, Pikeville’s Hatfield and McCoy Festival “Run for the Children” 10K on April 13 and the “Colors of Hope” Cancer Awareness 15K in Williamson, West Virginia on May 18.

“The purpose of the series is to encourage runners who have thought about running a half marathon but have not yet done so,” said Allison Powers, Big Sandy Road Runners president. “This is a fantastic opportunity for runners in both clubs, and those who are new to the sport, to come out and support each other and get a good run in at the same time.”

“The race series will be limited to the first 250 runners who sign up before the first race begins,” said Alexis Batausa, Tug Valley Road Runners president. “The Spring Clean 5K will be $10, the Run for the Kids will be $20 and the Colors for Hope 15K will be $15. 

While runners can sign up for each race individually, they will not be eligible for the race series medal unless they have registered.”

According to organizers, the cost of registration for the race series is $75 until March 1 when the price rises to $80 for the series until the beginning of the Williamson, West Virginia “Spring Cleaning 5K” on March 23.

For questions or more information, visit the Big Sandy Road Runners or the Tug Valley Road Runners Club on Facebook.

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