Some of the winners of the 33rd Annual Floyd County Schools Young Authors program were honored at a banquet held by the school district recently at the Jenny Wiley State Resort Park Wilkinson- Stumbo Convention Center.

The Floyd County Schools District recognized the story-telling talents of students recently during the 33rd Annual Young Authors Program awards ceremony at the Jenny Wiley State Resort Park. 

Students from Adams Middle and Allen, Betsy Layne, Duff-Allen Central, John M. Stumbo, May Valley, Prestonsburg and South Floyd elementary schools submitted their original works to be judged by a panel of volunteers to select a school winner who then went on to district competition. The winners are:

Eighth Grade:

“Big Bertha’s Bad Game” by Kynzi and Kimmie Slone, AMS, won illustrated work; “Story of Sid Matthews” by Jacob Mullins, SFES, won non-illustrated; “Nature” by Shian Crum, AES, won poetry/song lyrics; “The Tree That Saved a Family” by Kaitlyn Hager, AMS, won picture book; “Love and Lost” by Alyson Kilburn, AES, won real world; “Bobby Selton Slone” by Sage Slone, AMS, won the ‘our people’ category; “Past Floods Causing Pollution” by Payton Hansford, DACE, won photo essay — past; and “County Animal Shelter” by Maggie Nelson, AMS, won photo essay — present.

Seventh Grade:

“What She Doesn’t Know” by Karly Williams, BLES, won illustrated work; “Dazzling” by Faith Akers, BLES, won non-illustrated; “The Beauty of Nature” by Brayleigh Darnell, AES, won poetry/song lyrics; “Just A Little Jump” by Natalie Hayden, AES, won picture book; “Just Say No To Shut Down” by Bryan Maynard, AMS, won real world; “Major Stephen Lee Prater” by Todd Prater, DACE, won the ‘our people’ category; “4 Wheeling” by Zachary Halbert, DACE, won the ‘our place’ category;“Hindman Settlement School” by Grace Mullins, SFES, won photo essay — past; and “Eating Out” by Alexa Morris, DACE, won photo essay — present.

Sixth Grade:

“My Puppy” by Sarah Boyd, DACE, won illustrated work; “The Closet” by Lexie Mullins, AES, won non-illustrated; “Seasons Change — Memories” by Briah Samons, DACE, won poetry/song lyrics; “Dream Big” by Slone Akers, DACE, won picture book; “Silent Deer Killer” by Adam Justice, AES, won real world; “My Grandmother’s Years” by Talan Avery Bailey, BLES, won the ‘our people’ category; “McDowell High School Home” by Carson Allen, DACE, won the ‘our place’ category; “Past Treasures of the Past — Wayland” by Sara Brown, DACE, won photo essay — past; and “The Water Crisis” by Paisley Akers, AMS, won photo essay — present.

Fifth Grade:

“A Home for Delta” by Stella Whitaker, PES, won illustrated work; “Three Heroic Champions” by Joshua Blankenship, SFES, won non-illustrated; “Sports” by Aubrey Shelton, MVES, won poetry/song lyrics; “Time Will Tell” by Tessa Spencer, DACE, won picture book; “The History of Games” by Hunter Stumbo, SFES, won real world; “My Great Grandpa” by Anthony Wallen BLES, won the ‘our people’ category; “East Kentucky” by Rylee Daniels, SFES, won the ‘our place’ category; “The Prestonsburg, KY Bus Disaster” by Lakin Spradlin, PES, won photo essay — past; and “Foster Care” by Whitley Hall, MVES, won photo essay — present.

Fourth Grade:

“A Dog Named Beaver” by Jonah Stephens, AES, won illustrated work; “Bully Basketball” by Austin Meade, MVES, won non-illustrated; “The Wind” by Tyra Tackett, JMS, won poetry/song lyrics; ““Good Sea Life” by Ashton Wallace, PES, won picture book; “Birds” by Danielle Ashia, MVES, won real world; “My Papaw David” by Jackson Hall, MVES, won the ‘our people’ category; “How the 1958 Bus Wreck Affected...” by Korbin Combs, AES, won the ‘our place’ category; “The Story of Wheelwright” by Aubrey Setser, MVES, won photo essay — past; and “

The Rise and Fall of Eric C. Conn” by Lydia Johnson, JMS, won photo essay — present.

Third Grade:

“Dream Traveler” by Brielle Bilite, MVES, won illustrated work; “Jacob’s Guitar” by Madelyn Engle, SFES, won non-illustrated; “Girl Got Game” by Mahayla Garcia, MVES, won poetry/song lyrics; “The Lost Turkey Finds A Home” by Ryan Jarrell, AES, won picture book; “The Best Trip Ever” by Greyson Akers, JMS, won real world; “What Was it Like When …?” by Lacey Little, JMS, won the ‘our people’ category; “My Mountain Heritage” by Morgan Marsillett, PES, won the ‘our place’ category; “Searching for Bus 27” by Brody Horne, MVES, won photo essay — past; and “Our Litter Problem” by Tianna Ward, MVES, won photo essay — present.

Second Grade:

“My Adventures with Daisy” by Sydney Cavins, AES, won illustrated work; “A Girls Friend with a Fairy” by Jayden Isaac, MVES, won non-illustrated; “Dirt Bike Poems” by Noah Tackett, SFES, won poetry/song lyrics; “The Lonely Dragon” by Eli Strong, JMS, won picture book; “How to Use Emojis” by Julia Johnson, JMS, won real world; “Back in Time” by Emily Hayes, MVES, won the ‘our people’ category; “Past The Battle of Middle Creek” by Austin Risner, MVES, won photo essay — past; and “The Story of the Water Problem” by Jessa Johnson, JMS, won photo essay — present.

First Grade:

“My Dog Sky” by Brayden Isaac, SFES, won illustrated work; “Avery and Poppy Down on the Farm” by Ava Johnson, SFES, won non-illustrated; “Family Dogs” by Luke Tackett, JMS, won poetry/song lyrics; “Looking Out” by Lauralee Slone, AES, won picture book; “Chocolate Covered Strawberries” by Kinley Allen, MVES, won real world; ““Lana’s Life” by Shelby Wright, SFES, won the ‘our people’ category; “Where I Come From” by Landon Farler, MVES, won the ‘our place’ category; “Roll on Highway” by Blaze Shelton, MVES, won photo essay — past; and “To Golf or Not to Golf” by Annabelle Jackson, MVES, won photo essay — present.


“Sparkle the Little Pony” by Jaycee Hagans, DACE, won illustrated work; “Learning Sign Language” by Layla Lawrence, SFES, won non-illustrated; “Adventures with my Brother” by Kylie May, AESS, won poetry/song lyrics; “Life Cycle of a Parrot” by Alirah Bailey, PES, won picture book; “Me and My Dad” by Luke Anderson, BLES, won real world; “Music Makes Life Better” by Kasyn Barnette, MVES, won the ‘our people’ category; “My Mountain Heritage Appalachia” by Lyla Helton, SFES, won the ‘our place’ category; “Past We Remember” by Zadia Hunter, SFES, won photo essay — past; and “Litter Problem” by Lindsey Johnson, SFES, won photo essay — present.

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