Superintendent Danny Adkins announced in a press release on Tuesday that several students at Floyd Central and Prestonsburg high schools were selected as representatives for the 2019 Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership seminar. 

“Congratulations Lindsay Caudill, Katie Moore, Abbey Poe and Kade Scott,” he said in the statement. “These four are the representatives for the 2019 Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Seminar from Floyd Central and Prestonsburg High School.”

He described the program as a “fantastic opportunity” for these students. “HOBY is a fantastic opportunity for sophomore students,” he said. “The heart of this program is about helping young people learn to lead and better serve their communities. Developing this in our students will lead to changes in our district, our state and in our global community. With programs like HOBY, the National Honor Society, student councils and more, we’re helping our kids develop much needed skills that aren’t necessarily in the curriculum but are beneficial for society. We want to help kids take advantage of more opportunities like this and empower them for the future.” 

Caudill, More, Poe and Scott will attend the state seminar at Berea College in June 2019. “Students will experience life on a college campus for few days as they develop their leadership skills and learn to use those skills to influence their communities positively,” the press release said. 

Adkins said, “We’re very proud to have these outstanding young people represent our district at the state conference and look forward to seeing their skills used in making a difference in our schools and community.” 

For more information about the program, visit,

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