Floyd County School Board member William Newsome Jr., Superintendent Danny Adkins and Board Attorney John Hunt, standing, and school board members Sherry Robinson, Rhonda Meade, Linda Gearheart and Dr. Chandra Varia, seated, pose for a photo.

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Floyd County Schools, along with districts across Kentucky, are celebrating School Board Recognition Month in January.

Sherry Robinson, William Newsome Jr., Rhonda Meade, Linda Gearheart and Dr. Chandra Varia are among the more than 850 school board members in the state’s 173 local school districts being recognized this month for their service.

“This is the perfect time to thank school board members for serving in a role that has become increasingly complex,” said David Webster, president of the Kentucky School Boards Association and chair of the Simpson County school board.

“Members of the Floyd County Schools Board of Education are responsible for making decisions aimed at ensuring that every child in their district has a chance to be successful both in school and in life,” Webster said. “To do that, members oversee a multi-million dollar budget, keep up with changing education laws and policies and spend hours on professional learning and state-mandated training.”

Superintendent Danny Adkins also commended the team.

“We want to thank our board members for the job they do,” he said. “We are fortunate to have Sherry, Junior, Rhonda, Linda and Dr. Chandra serving our students and communities. Floyd County voters elected these leaders who work diligently to give all students amazing opportunities and access to high quality teaching and learning.”

“At a time when state and federal funding continue to shrink, our school board members haven’t shied away in the face of the challenges or from their responsibilities,” Adkins said. “Our board members are committed to making the best decisions for our students. Our community can be very proud of this board, and I’m proud to be their partner in providing amazing opportunities for our students. We hope you join us in thanking them for their service.”

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