Allen Elementary earned first place in quick recall at the District 85 academic competition.

Floyd County Superintendent Danny Adkins released a statement Monday announcing the results for Kentucky Association of Academic Competition’s District 85 and District 86 Governor’s Cup competitions held on Jan. 19 at Duff-Allen Central Elementary and John M. Stumbo Elementary schools.

According to the statement, taking first place overall in competition for District 85 was Duff-Allen Central Elementary School, with James D. Adams Middle School taking second place overall. DACE also came in first place in the Future Problem Solving category and second in the quick recall division, and according to the statement, Allen Elementary took second place in Future Problem Solving and first place in the Quick Recall division. 

Duff-Allen Central:

Alex Begley (first, math), Gracie McDavid (third, math), Mason Buck (first, science), Kylie Rae Owsley (second, science), McKinnley Martin (fourth, science; fourth, language arts; and third, composition), J.D. McKinney (third, social studies and first, composition), Kailee McGuire (fourth, social studies), Brody Buck (second, language arts and fourth arts and humanities), Brock Horne (second, arts and humanities) and Kendyll Hall (fourth, composition).

Adams Middle:

Cameron Kilgore (second, math), Kaden Lewis (fourth, math), Garret Ousley (third, science), Sage Slone (second, social studies and third, arts and humanities), Allyson Springer (fifth, social studies), Kaitlyn Hager (third, language arts and second, composition), Ethan Walls (fifth, language arts), Sara Springer (first, arts and humanities) and Grace Miller (fifth, composition).

Allen Elementary:

Jayden Hampton (fifth, math), Jacob Roberts (fifth, science), Jada Reynolds (first, social studies and first, language arts) and Elizabeth Goodman (fifth, arts and humanities).

According to the statement, in District 86 competition, South Floyd Elementary School took home first place in Future Problem Solving and quick recall divisions with John M. Stumbo taking second place in overall, Future Problem Solving and Quick Recall.  

South Floyd:

Kiran Thacker (first, math), Emily Spears (second, math; second, arts and humanities; and second, composition). Johnathan Moore (fifth, math), Chloe Hall (first, science and first, social studies), Ericka Tackett (fourth, science and fifth arts and humanities), Lincoln Slone (fifth, science), Zoey Meyers (third, social studies), Braden Harvel (fourth, social studies), Courtney Moore (second, language arts), Hannah Lafferty (fourth, language arts and fourth, composition), Kaylee Johnson (fourth, arts and humanities) and Taylor Stumbo (second, composition).

John M. Stumbo:

Lucas Wolford (fourth, math and second, science), Kylee Hayden (second, social studies and second, arts and humanities), Allison Hamilton (fifth, social studies), Majaia Yates (first, language arts and first, arts and humanities), Alyssa Tackett (third, language arts), Sophie Slone (fifth, language arts) and Angel Harris (first, composition).

Betsy Layne 


Will Justice (third, math and third, science).

“Congratulations Duff-Allen Central Elementary and South Floyd Elementary for being District Governor’s Cup champs and FPS Champs,” Adkins said in the statement. “Congratulations to Allen Elementary and South Floyd Elementary on being Quick Recall champs. We applaud the hard work and dedication of these students and wish them good luck in regional competition.”

According to the statement, Future Problem Solving and quick recall competition will be held on Feb. 2 at Johnson Central High School.

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