The Allen Elementary School Science Olympiad team earned the regional middle school Science Olympiad champ title this year and advanced to the state competition, where several student teams also earned honors.

Floyd County Schools Superintendent Danny Adkins recently congratulated the middle and high school students who placed in regional and state 2019 Science Olympiad competitions. Regional competition was held at the University of Pikeville in February and state competition was held April 13 at the University of Kentucky. 

Science Olympiad competitions consist of teams of 15 individual students who participate in a variety of events. Each year, certain events change to keep up with the changes in various fields of science and events are held on college campuses to give students the opportunity to tour those colleges. 

During regional competition, Allen Elementary had teams place in the top three spots in 23 events. The team, made up of Jada Reynolds, Kylie Rae Owsley, Jayden Hampton, Ethan McIntosh, Bradley Jervis, Peyton Senters, Tanner Skeens, Aireca Salisbury, Courtney Meadows, Elizabeth Goodman, Ethan Osborne, Ruthie Dillon, Emma Porter, Alyson Kilburn and Jacob Roberts, placed first in eight events, second in 10 events and third in four events.

Betsy Layne High School also had teams place in 23 events during regional competition. The team, made up of Casey Hall, Brantley Deskins, Nathan Kidd, Frank Tackett, Connor McGlone, Bretton Jervis, Nate Mims, Erin Akers, Katie Kidd, Jordan Slone, Alyndra Meade, Jonah Bell, Andrea Conley and Cameron Kimbler, placed first in four events, second in three events, third in four events, fourth in nine events, fifth in one event and sixth in two events. 

Congratulations Allen Elementary and Coach Tina Williams on being the 2019 Regional Middle School Science Olympiad Champs,” Adkins said. “Congratulations South Floyd Elementary and Coach Karen Miles for placing third at regionals and (advancing) to state. Congratulations Betsy Layne High School and Coach Brandon Pascarella, regional runner up. These students excelled at the regional level.”

Six Allen Elementary teams were honored at the state event: “Crime Busters” with Emma Porter and Jada Reynolds won 10th place; “Disease Detectives” with Courtney Meadows and Aireca Salisbury won fifth place; “Mystery Architecture” with Tanner Skeens and Ethan McIntosh won sixth place; “Boomilever” with Tanner Skeens and Peyton Senters won 11th place and “Heredity” with Kylie Owsley and Ruthie Dillon also won 11th place. 

Betsy Layne High had “Write to do it” with Casey Hall and Nate Mims winning second place at state competition.

“Teamwork is crucial and students must be actively participating. Congratulations AES for being in the Top 10 in three events at state competition and 11th in three additional events. That outstanding performance is from a new team and it’s been almost a decade since Allen Elementary has competed at the state level in Science Olympiad,” Adkins said. “Congratulations BLHS on placing second in an event at the state level. We want to thank our coaches for their support and dedication to their teams and we are hoping to see all Floyd County high schools and middle schools competing next year.” He said the Science Olympiad is “an outstanding opportunity” for students.

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