New youth center

Submitted photos The First Assembly of God in Martin recently opened its new youth center. Remodeling has been underway for more than a year on this project, geared to provide a place for local youth to spend time.

A Floyd County church opened a new youth center this month.

The First Assembly of God of Martin hosted a paper chain-breaking ceremony at its new youth center on Sunday, June 2. 

Pastor Ray Davis said the chain featured things that church members hoped to see the new youth center accomplish, like ending drug addiction.  

The center is located near the church in a former physician’s office on Ky. 122. Davis said the church bought the property in December 2017, and started remodeling it in April 2018. The project called for the conversion of 11 separate rooms into one open room now used as the youth center, he said. 

“We remodeled the bottom floor to create a community youth center, not just for the church youth, but, eventually, to have events for the community,” Davis said. “Martin is a small town in Floyd County, but there’s just not much for the kids to do.” 

He said he hopes the youth center will give local youth something to do and show them that you don’t have “lose the coolness” if you become a Christian. 

“We made it into one open room and we made a little kitchen bar area to basically have events for our youth,” Davis said. “Teenagers this day and time, they need something to give them direction. My goal, you know, because I’m the pastor, and my thing is lot of people think that if you come to a life of faith with Christianity, that you’ve got to lose the coolness. You know, you can’t be cool anymore. That’s my goal, is to show them that you don’t have to be strange. You can truly have a family in amongst people in the community. That’s what I want to do. I just want to create something for the kids.”

He said the church funded the project, working “a little at a time” to get it finished.

“Because we did it that way and we took our time doing it, we’re debt-free,” Davis said. 

Davis said the church will plan movie nights, talent contests and other activities at the youth center. A pool table is also planned to be installed, he said. 

For details about upcoming events, visit the First Assembly of God of Martin on Facebook or call, (606) 793-8148.

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