Exhibit opens

The East Kentucky Science Center opened its new exhibit, “The Way We Worked” on Saturday. It features photographs that were commissioned by the federal government.

The East Kentucky Science Center opened its new exhibit, “The Way We Worked,” on Oct. 19.

EKSC Director Steve Russo said he expects the exhibit to remain on display for one year.

Russo said the exhibit was developed by the National Archives and Records Administration and it was previously part of a traveling exhibit offered by the Smithsonian Institute.

It was on display in Florida in 2017 when it was offered to Big Sandy Community and Technical College.

Russo said the City of Prestonsburg and the college funded the transportation of the exhibit to Prestonsburg.

“We teach technology here and engineering ... This exhibit ties in because it shows how things were done years ago,” Russo said. “It’ll show people how things were done in the thirties, forties and fifties, before computers and CAD programs and cell phones, and then they can compare it to what we’re doing now.”

He said exhibit is personal to him because his grandfather did some of the jobs depicted in the photographs.

“I think it’s good for kids. It’s good for teachers. It’s good for the public. It’s good for us old folks who forgot how things were done years ago,” Russo said. “It’s a really neat exhibit.”

The exhibit explores numerous types of careers in farming and industry and it highlights several communities, including Wheelwright as a company town.

The exhibit also includes interactive panels that offer telephone numbers people can call to learn more about the photographs taken, as well as items on display, like buttons that were worn by union supporters between 1900 and 1950 and a copy of the Gregg Shorthand guide from 1900.

Topics showcased include women in work, child labor, labor unions, technology and other things.

Most of the images were taken by photographers employed by federal agencies.

The photographs were commissioned to document progress on large-scale public projects, record military operations, document civilian workers during wartime and for other reasons.

The exhibit is open to the public during regular operating hours of the EKSC.

For more information, call, (606) 889-8290.

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