A Floyd County teenager is among 30 4-H students in Kentucky who will compete this year for the Gold Competitive Achievement Award.  

Heather Coleman, extension agent for 4-H Youth Development, reported in a press release this week that Floyd County 4-H Teen Council President Matthew Tackett is one of 30 students statewide who were selected from a pool of 70 students to compete for the honor.

“4-H encourages young people to set and achieve their goals. To that end, the Kentucky 4-H Achievement Program was created to reward ambitious and accomplished young people throughout the state,” Coleman wrote in a press release. “In the highly competitive 4-H Achievement Program, young people receive recognition and prizes for their accomplishments in 4-H and their community. 4-H’ers can start accumulating points as soon as they start 4-H and begin earning recognition in the sixth grade.”

The Gold Competitive Achievement award is only open to 10th grade students who have reached Level V in the achievement program. 

Gold Competitive Achievement winners receive a full scholarship to the Teen Conference on the University of Kentucky Campus June 10-13, and an $800 scholarship towards attending National 4-H Congress Conference, Coleman reported. 

Tackett, the son of Connie and Chris Tackett of Stanville, has been a member of the Floyd County 4-H for seven years. He attends Paintsville High School in Johnson County. 

For more information, contact Coleman at, (606) 886-2668, or, hnelson@uky.edu.

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