K-Fitness team sweeps NPC Northern KY Grand Prix

Caitlyn Collier and Kathy Burchett of Pikeville and Kelly Johnson of Prestonsburg competed at the National Physique Committee Northern Kentucky Grand Prix in Louisville on March 23, winning in their individual categories.

As K-fitness in Pike-ville approaches its first anniversary, the hard work of owner Kelly Johnson of Prestonsburg and her staff of fitness trainers is already making its mark.

Johnson with clients Caitlyn Collier and Kathy Burchett of Pikeville, competed at the National Physique Committee Northern Kentucky Grand Prix in Louisville on March 23 and won in their individual categories. The National Physique Committee is the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States.

Collier swept the bikini category with a first place finish in class B, novice class A and true novice class A divisions — after only eight months of training with Johnson.

Burchett won first place for masters over 50 bikini category, fifth place in class C, second place in the novice A figure and true novice B figure and fifth place in novice B figure

Johnson who placed first in the class c and masters over 40 bikini divisions, competed in her first NPC competition last year and used the experience to inspire her clients to reach their own fitness goals.

“Caitlyn and Kathy really worked hard and put every ounce of effort into getting ready,” said Johnson. “We get up at 3:30 a.m. and train until 5:30 a.m. four or five days a week and eat a very strict diet to get down to 10 percent or less of body fat. They are both amazing women and I am proud of them for their hard work.”

The trio’s accomplishments in the Northern Kentucky Grand Prix qualify them to compete in a national-level event against bodybuilders from across the nation. Burchett and Johnson can compete at the 2019 NPC North American Championships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while Collier can go to the 2019 NPC National Championships in Miami, Florida.

“Bodybuilding is not easy. Everything has to be earned and it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice,” said Johnson. “The team at K-fitness are there to inspire our clients, offer our support, be it emotional, nutritional or motivational support, to help them reach their goals.”

K-Fitness is a 24-hour women’s gym offering weight-lifting resistance training and numerous studio classes with access to personal trainers.

“The fact is that anyone can set and reach a fitness goal,” she said. “If it’s just to drop some weight, build muscle or for a competition — it just takes work and the willingness to eat right and work out consistently to reach them.”

For more information about K-fitness, call, (606) 552-0410, or visit the business’ Facebook page.

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