Contractors needed

The state is seeking contractors to harvest trees from 225 acres at Dewey Lake.

The state sent out another call for bids from contractors and businesses interested in harvesting timber from Dewey Lake this month.

The state is seeking bids for the harvest of timber from about 225 acres in the Dewey Lake Wildlife Management Area. To qualify, bidders are required to visit the Dewey Lake WMA before Jan. 7.

Sealed bids are scheduled to be opened at 3 p.m. on Jan. 10 in Frankfort.

This marks the second time this year that the state has sought bids to harvest timber from Dewey Lake. It sent out requests for bids earlier this year to harvest timber from 225 acres there and from 141 acres at Yatesville Lake.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Public Information Officer Kevin Kelly previously reported that the timber harvest comes as part of a habitat improvement project. He said the Dewey Lake WMA contains more than 9,172 acres, and said that harvesting 225 acres of timber accounts for about 2.5 percent of the timber there. He said 88 percent of the Dewey Lake is forested, so opening up some of the property can improve habitat there.

The timber harvest will take place at different locations at the lake, he reported.

The department published a ruffed grouse and young forest management plan in 2017, following two years of data collection. The focus of the plan is improving habitats for grouse, a bird that lives primarily on the ground and requires “second growth forests” for nesting and food. With this plan, the state hopes to double the number of grouse in the focus areas within 10 years.

Grouse hunting was once prevalent in Appalachian areas, but the number of grouse available for hunting declined as the state’s forests matured. The plan calls for harvesting timber from wildlife management areas to improve the habitat for grouse.

“Timber harvest is an important piece of that plan,” Kelly said in an interview in November. “Timber harvest and habitat improvement really speak to the heart of our mission here at the department, and that’s conserving and enhancing fish and wildlife resources. This, in the long run, we believe, will benefit wildlife, not just grouse, but deer, turkey, elk, a lot of songbirds.”

Bidders must call, (606) 784-6428 to schedule an appointment to visit the Dewey Lake WMA and sign-in during the site visit for the Commonwealth to accept participant’s bid for the timber project, the state’s request for bids said.

For more information, contact Wendell Harris, Division of Real Properties, at, (502) 564-9831 or via email at, or Josh Frazier, Wildlife Forester, at (606) 784-6428 or via email at,

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