Danny Adkins

Superintendent Danny Adkins speaks during a Jan. 27 meeting.

The Floyd County Board of Education is planning $8.6 million in upgrades to various schools, and officials report most of that cost will be offset by energy savings the district receives.

During a meeting on Monday, Jan. 27, the board approved the construction documents for the district’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Project. The BG1 document approved at the meeting must also be approved by the Kentucky Department of Education.

“The future of the district lies in keeping our facilities up,” Superintendent Danny Adkins said after the meeting. “And, certainly, we’ve got some awesome facilities. Our maintenance department has done a great job taking care of that. Mr. Greg Adams and his crew are second to none. Second to none, I’ll say that. But in order for us to have our students in a safe, clean, healthy school system, school buildings, facilities, we have to do this upkeep. We have to monitor what’s going on in our facilities ... We constantly want to upgrade our facilities and keep our kids in a warm, secure, safe environment.”

The project will provide new roofing systems at May Valley Elementary, Prestonsburg High School and South Floyd Elementary, an HVAC system at May Valley and LED lighting upgrades at all schools, including the Renaissance Learning Center, which opened last fall.

Additionally, the project will provide water bottle filling stations at all schools and trash compactors at all schools except Prestonsburg High School, Adams Middle School, Prestonsburg Elementary and Floyd Central.

The total project will cost $8.6 million, with $1.7 million in funds coming from a local FSPK, or Facility Support Program of Kentucky, bond sale and $6.9 million in funds coming from local general fund bond sale, according to documents approved by the board on Monday.

Adkins that he expects the district to be liable for about $1.7 million on this project, with the rest of the cost of the upgrades being funded by the savings the district will receive with more energy-efficient facilities.

At the meeting, the board also approved a “finding” by the district’s Local Planning Committee to add the roof and HVAC system at May Valley to the energy project list. That project is expected to cost $2.98 million. Adkins said the energy savings project would have “paid for itself” without that addition, but officials decided to include it because it is needed at the school. Adkins said the HVAC system at May Valley is 25 years old.

“Had we gone without putting the HVAC in here, it would have paid for itself, but this HVAC

The board agreed to inform the Kentucky Department of Education about its intent to implement a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract with CMTA Energy Solutions in November. The business designs and implements energy upgrades for school districts and local governments throughout the state.  

Adkins said if the district does not meet savings projected by CMTA, the company will fund the upgrades.

“It’s a guaranteed energy savings, that if we don’t meet that, with the savings, the company has to pick it up and pay for it,” Adkins said.

During the meeting, the board also approved spending $20,500 for special inspections and quality control tested for the Betsy Layne High School baseball field project, hiring Solid Ground to do the work. Another company quoted more than $65,000 for that work. The board also approved a resolution to issue refunding revenue bonds for the BLHS project, reporting it would include an additional cost of $180,000 for 15 years. In that motion, the board accepted an offer of assistance from the Kentucky School Facilities Construction and the execution of a contract with the agency.

The board recessed the meeting and convened the school district’s finance committee to approve a similar resolution. It stated that the district would issue about $2.2 million in school building revenue bonds for the project.

School district officials are planning to host a groundbreaking at BLHS on Friday, Jan. 31, at 2 p.m.

Board member Dr. Chandra Varia was not present at the meeting. Board members and the audience honored Austin “Bo” Moore, a Left Beaver Rescue Squad member and mechanic at the school district, with a moment of silence prior to the meeting. Moore died Saturday, Jan. 25.

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