The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet filed a lawsuit recently to start a condemnation process for property that is needed for the Minnie-to-Harold connector project on Ky. 680.

The lawsuit was filed in July against Cathy Newsome, Hillard Newsome, Jodi Newsome, Arthur Newsome, Joni Lawrey, Nate Lawrey, Brandy Millettel, Brian Millettell, Daniel Newsome, Hannah Newsome and her unknown spouse, Krista F. Burgenstuck and her unknown spouse, Marina J. Bergunstock, Christopher Bergunstock and Lorene Parsons and her unknown spouse. The lawsuit also lists “unknown defendants” as the heirs of property sought to be condemned in the project. 

The cabinet is seeking to condemn about 5.2 acres of right-of-way on the “Lewis and  Caroline Moore estate,” located about 6,500 feet from Ky. 979, as well as another part of that estate that contains about 28.4 acres for “temporary easement for construction.” 

The court appointed Omery Hall, Darvene Hamilton and Greg Clark as commissioners to evaluate the value of the property, asking them to determine the current value of the property, its fair market value after the condemnation and the fair market value of the temporary easements. 

The commissioners reported the fair market value of all the property is $100,000, and that the value would be $32,000 after it is condemned, leaving a difference of $68,000. The commissioners reported the fair market value of the 28 acres sought for a temporary easement to be $10,000. 

The state highway plan includes $34.6 million to improve the Minnie-to-Harold Connector from Little Mud to the Mouth of Tackett Creek — projects that are designated for completion in 2022 and 2023. 

Floyd County Fiscal Court officials have repeatedly complained about the delay in completion for this project, reporting that only two miles of work need to be finished. 

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Highway District 12 Chief District Engineer Mary Westfall Holbrook told the Floyd County Fiscal Court recently that this project is in the Cabinet’s six-year road plan and could, depending on the budget, go to bid as early as next year. 

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