Kennith Frank Spurlock

A Martin resident who reportedly escaped from jail in Perry County in July was captured by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department Tuesday night after he allegedly tried to “make a drug drop” at the Floyd County Detention Center.

Kennith Frank Spurlock, 29, of Martin, was arrested on Bucks Branch in Martin shortly before 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 15, following a high-speed pursuit that involved law enforcement officials from the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department, Prestonsburg Police Department, Martin Police Department and the Kentucky State Police. 

Spurlock is allegedly one of four inmates who escaped from the Kentucky River Regional Jail on July 8 after a jail employee dropped his keys. 

Floyd County Sheriff Deputy Justin Szymchack reports in the arrest citation that he was dispatched to help Deputy Derrick Blackburn, who was in pursuit of Spurlock after he allegedly fled an attempted traffic stop of his motorcycle in Prestonsburg. 

“Mr. Spurlock attempted to make a drug drop at the Floyd County Jail just prior to the pursuit,” Szymchack reported. 

Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt said deputies had gone into the department’s office, which is located in the courthouse adjacent to the Floyd County Detention Center, and saw a motorcycle parked in the back of the building. 

“The deputy noticed that and he actually went to look into it, investigate it, when the driver got on a motorcycle to speed away and, at about the same time, jail officials came out of the jail and notified the deputy that the person on the motorcycle just put drugs into the jail through the outside wall,” Hunt said. 

He said deputies recognized Spurlock as the inmate who escaped and other agencies got involved in the chase. He reported that Spurlock was traveling with a female passenger, who has not yet been charged with any crime.  

Hunt said Spurlock allegedly fled through Prestonsburg, onto U.S. 23 near Big Sandy Community and Technical College, took the Ky. 114 exit and then took the exit to Spurlock, which leads to Bucks Branch and its intersection with Ky. 80, where law enforcement had set up a road block. 

“We just stayed back and let him drive and then he ran into the road block at the end of Buck’s Branch, where it comes out onto Rt. 80,” Hunt said. “When he seen the road block, he made an attempt to evade the roadblock and he’d seen he couldn’t, so he just laid his motorcycle down and he took off on foot.”

Spurlock was apprehended after running a couple of hundred yards into the woods, Hunt said. 

He praised the agencies that assisted and the department’s K9, Drago, saying that the K9 is an invaluable tool for the department. 

Szymchack reported that Spurlock ran into a “thorn thicket” before Drago was deployed. Hunt said deputies might not have been able to capture him without the dog’s help. 

“He was too set on being free and doing anything to get away and hyped up. We had 20 people there, but I don’t think one of the 20 would have run him down on foot and caught him, had it not been for our K9,” Hunt said. 

Spurlock was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree fleeing/evading police, 16 counts of second-degree wanton endangerment of a police officer, resisting arrest, driving on a suspended license, failure to maintain insurance, reckless driving, speeding 25 miles per hour over the limit and tampering with physical evidence.

Hunt said Spurlock was charged with 16 counts of wanton endangerment for allegedly endangering the lives of law enforcement, as well as the passenger on his motorcycle and bystanders. 

“He almost hit a car here,” Hunt said. “We actually had to block him from hitting a car. At the Ky. 114/US 23 offramp there, it looked like he was driving right into a car, trying to go around it, probably. But lucky enough, I was just close enough to head him off and put him in a different direction because there was a car there he was going to hit right in the side.” 

Hunt said additional charges will be filed against Spurlock in Floyd County. He said the department recovered a straw filled with suspected illegal drugs that Spurlock allegedly tossed from the motorcycle during the pursuit. He said Spurlock will also be charged with promoting contraband. He said the passenger on the motorcycle may also be charged with promoting contraband, following the presentation of evidence to a grand jury. 

Spurlock was arraigned in Floyd District Court on Wednesday, Oct. 16. District Judge Jimmy R. Marcum set his bond at $10,000 cash and scheduled a preliminary hearing to be held on Oct. 23. 

Hunt said he was transported back to Perry County Wednesday afternoon.

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