Teaming up

Officials with both the Floyd County Schools District and Highlands ARH Regional Medical Center gathered Monday at the hospital to announce a new partnership through which the families of newborns will be presented with a onesie and materials educating the new parents on the topic of education and what is available to their children.

The Floyd County Schools District and Highlands ARH Regional Medical Center teamed up to announce a new program Monday which is intended to reach families of newborns with a much greater goal in mind.

According to Floyd Schools Superintendent Danny Adkins, the project will result in the family of each child born at Highlands being presented with a onesie featuring the district’s logo, as well as a book, which features a link to education information, in an attempt to encourage families to begin thinking of teaching their children early.

“These are our future students we’re working with here,” he said. “We start by getting our foot in the door with these newborns and their parents and let them know what we offer here in the Floyd County School System.”

Highlands ARH Community CEO Tim Hatfield said the hospital is glad to team up with the district in order to present the program, which he said has a bigger goal than just acquainting the potential students with educational opportunities and a head start on learning.

“It’s all about laying a groundwork for our future generations,” he said. “We want to educate our students, but we also we want to keep those students at home. The hope is that we start early and support our kids, our kids will find opportunities close to Floyd County, Pike County, Johnson, Magoffin, the regional area here, so they’ll have jobs here.”

Hatfield said the hospital is dealing with the realities of the aging population locally.

“With an aging population and an aging workforce, we’re recruiting today for our next generation of employees from Eastern Kentucky,” he said.

Adkins agreed, saying the district has a goal of bringing change.

“We eventually want to change the culture here and change the economy,” Adkins said.

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