For the first time in years, a deputy judge-executive will be working for the county.

During a meeting on Sept. 21, the Floyd County Fiscal Court unanimously approved a resolution hiring former Deputy Judge-Executive Barry Davis to serve in that role, beginning Monday, Oct. 1.

Davis previously worked more than six years as deputy judge-executive under former judge-executive R.D. “Doc” Marshall. He currently works as a law clerk in the county attorney’s office.

Judge-Executive Ben Hale said he selected Davis for the position because he is “very qualified.” 

He said Davis will help in the transition to a new administration prior to his departure at the end of his term in January.

“He’s very qualified,” Hale said. “He’s done it in the past and I knew that he could do it….I just want to make sure that I’m getting a good groundwork laid before I leave.”

Davis will primarily be involved in the lawsuit the county joined this year against opioid distributors, Hale said. 

“I want to make sure that moves forward for Floyd County because that is something that if we’re successful, that we then can be able to take those monies and help with the opioid addiction problem and rehabilitation of so many that is needed here in our county,” Hale said.

“So, I think it is vitally important that I was able, as I’m going out, there’s a lot of things I’ve got my hands into that I needed some help right now. I wanted to make sure these things were staying on track and making sure that it’s done correctly before I leave.” 

Davis said he’s looking forward to starting his new role with the county.  

“It’s interesting times, the transition we’re going to have, whatever we do in November,” he said. “We want to make sure we do everything we can to help whoever comes out of the race.”

He has worked for the county attorney’s office as a law clerk for about five years, serving mostly in the McDowell annex. 

“I’m glad to do what I can to help the people of Floyd County,” he said. “I’m thankful to Judge Hale for the opportunity, as well as the members of the fiscal court for giving me a chance to come and work with them.”

Davis, 48, the son of Gene and Norma Davis, lives at Banner. He will earn about $1,900 bi-weekly as deputy judge-executive.

During the meeting, the fiscal court also promoted Charlotte Spence to assistant janitor at the justice center, effective Sept. 15, and hired George McCoy as a part-time litter abatement worker.

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