A Garrett resident who was indicted last winter for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend in the face will spend 12 years behind bars.

According to documents filed last week in Floyd Circuit Court, Delbert Conn, 34, of Garrett, was recently sentenced to serve 12 years on one count of first-degree assault. As part of a plea agreement reached with the Floyd County Commonwealth’s Attorney Brent Turner, the judge dismissed a second-degree persistent felony offender charge that could have enhanced Conn’s sentence to 20 years. 

Because of the violent nature of the crime, Conn will not be eligible for parole until he serves at least 85 percent of his sentence. 

He was indicted in December 2018 on these charges and he entered a guilty plea in May. 

The indictment alleges that he caused “serious physical injury” to his girlfriend on Oct. 2, 2018.   

Kentucky State Police Trooper Matt Martin arrested Conn that day, reporting in the citation that the woman required 55 stitches in her face and hands after the attack. 

“The victim took 55 stitches to stitch her face as well as stitches on two different cuts in her hand,” he wrote in the arrest citation, which was filed in Floyd District Court. 

Martin reported that the woman told him Conn assaulted her after failing a court-ordered drug test, and then he came home and “used more drugs and was talking out of his head.” 

The assault occurred later that evening, after Conn had been taken to his mother’s house, the citation said.

“She stated later in the night (that Conn) … wanted her to bring him his guitars and clothes to his mother’s house,” Martin wrote. “Once at the house she stated (that Conn) became enraged and picked up the knife. She stated (that Conn) then attacked her with the knife and cut her in the face and hand.” 

The woman got away from Conn and went to her parent’s house and they took her to the hospital for treatment, Martin reported. 

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