Dean Hall

The former manager of the Southern Water and Sewer District submitted his resignation last week and, this week, the Kentucky Public Service Commission dismissed an investigation into his work with the district.

Former Southern Water Manager Dean Hall issued his resignation letter on May 2, reporting that he is resigning as general manager “effective immediately due to health reasons and a potentially extended absence.” 

Officials previously reported that Hall was injured while working at Southern Water on March 22, a few days before the district’s board approved a new management contract with Pikeville-based Utilities Management Group. Hall had not returned to work prior to turning in his resignation. 

The PSC responded to the submission of Hall’s resignation on Monday, filing an order dismissing the investigation. The PSC opened the case on March 11, seeking to determine whether Hall should face civil penalties for allegedly violating several state laws and regulations. Hall denied the allegations in documents filed in the case. 

The May 6 order dismissing the case states, “Based on the Commission’s finding that prima facie evidence existed regarding the alleged violations, a civil penalty against Mr. Hall would have potentially been assessed had he not resigned.” 

The PSC canceled a May 8 hearing in which Greg May of UMG was scheduled to testify and withdrew its subpoena to Pop’s Chevrolet about trucks bought on behalf of Southern Water.

The case was dismissed without prejudice and removed from the commission’s docket. 

The PSC stated in the order, “If, in the future, Mr. Hall accepts employment from a jurisdictional utility, the Commission may re-open an investigation into the alleged violations.” 

Southern Water commission chairperson Jeff Prater said the district officials “wish him well.”

A case related to Southern Water’s application for a 32.3 percent rate increase is still pending with the PSC. A hearing will be held in that case at 9 a.m. on Thursday, May 9, with several Southern Water officials set to testify. The hearing will be broadcast live on the PSC website. 


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