A Floyd County resident is facing a felony and other charges for allegedly assaulting a Floyd County Sheriff’s deputy.

Floyd County Sheriff Deputy Kevin Thacker reports in the citation that the alleged assault occurred on Friday evening as he attempted to serve three arrest warrants on Toms Creek Road in Ivel.

Terry Hamilton, 34, of Ivel, was arrested and charged with menacing, giving officer false identifying information, resisting arrest, third-degree escape, second-degree assault and third-degree assault of a police officer in the case. 

Thacker alleges that Hamilton lied about his name and then resisted arrest that evening. 

“While I was walking (Hamilton) to my county patrol, he pulled away from me, taking both of us away from my county patrol and onto the asphalt,” Thacker reported. “I gave several verbal commands for (Hamilton) to stop resisting and he refused.” 

Thacker reported that he deployed his taser after Hamilton allegedly ran away, then Hamilton kicked him several times after he was re-captured. 

“We both were on the ground of a hay field at this time and I gave several elbow and closed hand strikes to get (Hamilton) to comply,” Thacker wrote.

 “After he continued to resist, I got back to my feet and once again gave commands for (Hamilton) to get to his feet while attempting to assist him. (Hamilton) continued to resist, kicking me and yelling he was (not) going back to jail.”

He reported that he deployed a chemical spray and forced Hamilton into his cruiser. 

Hamilton allegedly “banged his head and body against” the window and cage of Thacker’s cruiser after the arrest.

Hamilton was arraigned in Floyd District Court on Monday. District Judge Eric Hall scheduled a preliminary hearing in the case for Sept. 13. 

Hamilton is being held on other cases filed against him in Johnson County.

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