For the first time, the 95th District in the Kentucky House of Representatives will be led by a female.

Floyd County Master Commissioner Ashley Tackett Laferty beat current State Representative Larry Brown (R-Prestonsburg) in the race for the 95th District seat this week. The seat represents residents of Floyd and part of Pike counties.

Laferty secured the highest number of votes in Floyd County and Brown swayed more Pike County voters to his favor, but that lead was not enough to carry him to a win over Laferty. Only 1,200 Pike County voters cast ballots in this race, and the rest, 12,886, came from Floyd County.

Laferty walked away with 57.72 of all votes cast in both counties — 8,154 votes, the Secretary of State’s office reports. 

She said she did not have time for an interview, but released a statement Thursday.

“I am so very proud to be elected as the next (and first female) State Representative in the 95th District,” she wrote in the statement. “I feel voters want better schools for their children, better healthcare for their families, and better job opportunities brought to their communities.  That is just what I hope to deliver in the future …

“A better Eastern Kentucky starts by protecting the future of public education; finding funds and long-term solutions to fully fund the pensions promised to our state workers; building roads to job opportunities and growth, in part by addressing shovel- ready road projects such as the Ky. 680 connector between Harold and Minnie and the expansion of the Mountain Parkway through Floyd County attracting high quality job opportunities, both industrial and technological, to  motivate our workforce and drive our economy; and implementing real solutions to the opioid crisis, including preventative measures such as funding for community centers which offer our kids the opportunity to learn and play in a safe, family-oriented environment,” she wrote.

Laferty, a graduate of Betsy Layne High School and the University of Louisville’s Brandies School of Law, is an attorney at Kirk Law Firm and she also serves as the master commissioner in Floyd County. She and her husband Chuck Laferty, a CSX Railway employee, have three children. They attend Graceway United Methodist Church near Maytown.

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