A minority of residents in Floyd County and Kentucky chose candidates for several state offices during the primary election on Tuesday.

Voter turnout was only 19.26 percent statewide and 21.02 percent in Floyd County.

Only about 659,000 of more than 3.4 million registered voters in Kentucky and 6,293 of Floyd County’s 29,942 registered voters turned out to the polls on Tuesday. 

According to unofficial election results released by the Kentucky Secretary of State, the following candidates will face each other for these seats in the general election in November: 


In statewide results, incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin beat his Republican opposition, Robert Goforth, by a margin of more than 34,717 votes. Republican voters cast 136,060 votes for Bevin in the primary election and 101,343 votes for Goforth.

In the Democratic primary, Rocky Adkins, who was popular in Floyd County, lost to Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear.

Beshear will face Bevin during the general election in November. In the race, Beshear gained around 13,000 more votes than Bevin. He won the Democratic nomination for the governor’s seat with 149,438 votes, whereas Adkins received 125,970 votes. Candidate Adam H. Edelen also received 110,159 votes in this race statewide.

Floyd County voters chose Bevin and Adkins in this race. 

In Floyd County, Bevin received 339 votes, while his opponent received 325 votes in the Republican primary, and in the Democratic primary, Adkins received 3,633 votes while 1,180 Floyd County voters chose Beshear. 

Secretary of State 

Former Miss America Heather French Henry won the Democratic primary for Kentucky Secretary of State.

Henry, of Louisville, earned nearly 71 percent of all votes cast statewide, or 263,419, and the remaining votes went to three opponents. Floyd County resident Jason S. Belcher received the next-highest number of votes, 47,923. He was followed by Letcher County resident Jason Griffith, who earned 47,655 votes in the race.

In the Republican primary for secretary of state, Michael Adams of Lyndon walked away with the win, after receiving 94,404 votes, or about 41.26 percent of all votes cast in this race. The remaining votes went to three other opponents, with Andrew English of Crestwood raking in the second-highest number of votes, 62,677, or about 27 percent. 

Floyd County voters also chose Henry and Adams in this race.

Henry received 2,436 voters, or more than 49 percent of all votes cast in the Democratic primary in Floyd County, and Adams received 342 votes in Floyd County, capturing nearly 52 percent of the votes cast in the Republican primary.

Attorney General 

Daniel Cameron of Louisville garnered the win in the statewide race for attorney general in the Republican primary on Tuesday. Cameron received 132,400 votes, or about 55 percent of all votes cast in the race, while his opponent Will Schroder of Wilder received about 107,000 votes, or nearly 45 percent of all votes cast. 

In the fall, Cameron will face former Attorney General and House Speaker Greg Stumbo of Prestonsburg, who faced no opposition in the Democratic primary.

Auditor of Public 


Sheri Donahue of Frankfort won the Democratic primary in the race for state auditor on Tuesday, walking away with 134,952 votes, or around 47 percent of all votes cast in the race. Kelsey Hayes Coots of Louisville received about 96,000 votes in this race, while Chris Tobe of Anchorage earned 58,548 votes.

In the fall, Donahue will face incumbent auditor Mike Harmon, who had no opponents in the Republican primary on Tuesday. 

Floyd County voters chose Coots in the Democratic primary for state auditor. 

She received about 1,762 votes in that race in Floyd County, representing about 49 percent of all votes cast. Donahue came in a close second-place, with 1,173 votes cast in her favor. 

State Treasurer

Michael Bowman of Louisville easily beat his opponent Josh Mers of Lexington by more than 100,000 votes in the Democratic primary for state treasurer on Tuesday. Bowman earned more than 218,000 votes, taking 66.41 percent of all votes cast, while Mers received 110,349 votes, or about 34 percent.

Floyd County voters also chose Bowman in this race, handing him nearly 77 percent of all votes cast, or 3,480 votes. 

Bowman will face incumbent treasurer Allison Ball of Prestonsburg in the fall.

Commissioner of Agriculture

Incumbent Ryan F. Quarles of Georgetown pounded his opponent in the Republican primary for the state agriculture commissioner’s seat. Quarles received more than 82 percent of all votes cast — nearly 194,000 votes — while his opponent Bill Plyniak of Lexington received about 42,000 votes, or around 18 percent. 

In the fall, Quarles will face the winner of the Democratic primary, Robert Haley Conway of Georgetown, who also easily beat his opponent on Tuesday. 

In that race, Conway received nearly 201,000 votes, or about 60 percent of all votes cast, and his opponent, Joe Trigg of Glasgow, received 134,000 votes, or about 40 percent of all votes cast. 

Floyd County voters also chose Quarles and Conway in the Democratic primary.

Quarles received 442 votes in Floyd County’s Republican primary, or about 67 percent of all votes cast. Conway received 3,596 votes, or 77 percent of all votes cast in that race in Floyd County.

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