Mother son charged

Frances Henson

A Floyd County mother is facing felony charges after allegedly trying to sneak methamphetamine into the Floyd County Detention Center for her son.

Frances K. Henson, 58, of Langley was arrested on Sept. 5 and charged with first-degree possession of a controlled substance and first-degree promoting contraband in the case. 

Her son, Shawn Henson, 38, of Hueysville, who was already in custody at the jail, was charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance and first-degree promoting contraband.

Floyd County Sheriff Deputy Kevin Johnson said in the citation that he was asked to investigate the case by Jailer Stuart “Bear” Halbert, who “confronted someone that he observed trying to push a straw through the visitation room glass.” 

Johnson reported in the citation that Frances Hamilton “thought she was sneaking tobacco into the jail and did not know what was inside the straws.” 

“She advised that her daughter-in-law had brought her there,” Johnson wrote. “She only identified her as Beth and stated she did not know her last name. She stated that she came to see her son, Shawn Henson. She stated that Shawn had wanted her to bring the ‘tobacco’ to (him). She stated she was met in the parking lot by a subject only identified as ‘Sandy.’”

He reported that Frances Henson spoke with “Sandy” a few days prior about “sneaking tobacco in for her boys.” 

“She had two straws that were bent and duct taped on both ends,” Johnson wrote. “Inside the straws was a white crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine.”

The department reported in a press release that Frances Hamilton allegedly had about 12 grams of suspected methamphetamine at the jail. 

Johnson reported that Shawn Henson “later admitted to bringing it here with intent to distribute it at the jail.” 

Shawn Henson was arraigned in Floyd District Court on Friday, Sept. 6. District Judge Jimmy Marcum placed him under a $5,000 cash bond, ordered him to have no further violations of the law and scheduled a preliminary hearing in the case for Sept. 11.

Frances Henson, was as also arraigned on Sept. 6, was given a $1,500 cash bond and is also scheduled to return to Floyd District Court on Sept. 11 for a preliminary hearing. 

“Deputies and jail officials are still investigating and do expect more individuals to be charged,” the press release said. 

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