A Floyd County grand jury decided not to seek felony charges against a Harold resident accused of abusing a child.

Last week, the grand jury indicted Darlene Kidd, 27, of Harold, on three misdemeanor charges: Endangering the welfare of a minor and two counts of fourth-degree assault, one involving child abuse and one involving domestic violence. 

In the indictment, the grand jury charged Kidd with endangering the welfare of a minor for allegedly failing or refusing to “exercise reasonable diligence in the control” of her child “to prevent him from becoming neglected, dependent or delinquent.”  

When the case was initially filed against Kidd in Floyd District Court, Kentucky State Police Trooper Billy Ball charged her with another charge, a felony count of first-degree wanton endangerment. The grand jury, however, did not charge Kidd with that crime. 

Ball arrested Kidd at her home in Harold on May 7. 

He reported that he was dispatched to a domestic violence complaint and encountered Kidd and five children in the home with her boyfriend, Christopher Blevins.

Kidd reported that she had a verbal argument about the power bill and money with Blevins, Ball wrote in the citation, and she said that no physical altercation occurred.

Ball reported that Blevins appeared to have scratches on his neck. 

Blevins claimed that Kidd assaulted him while he was holding their one-month old baby, and she “pushed him in the back causing him to fall into the wall,” Ball wrote in the arrest citation.

The baby’s head struck the wall, Ball reported, and the child was transported to Pikeville Medical Center for treatment. 

Since the grand jury issued all misdemeanor charges against Kidd and not the felony she initially faced, the case will be referred back to Floyd District Court for further proceedings.  

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