The Prestonsburg City Council approved annexing properties owned by Highlands ARH Regional Medical Center this week.

During a meeting on Monday, the city council unanimously approved the second reading of an ordinance to annex the hospital’s properties on Ky. 321. The annexation takes in about 50 acres in that area. 

The city attempted an involuntary annexation of the hospital properties earlier this year, but the council changed direction after the hospital agreed to voluntarily come into the city — a move that prompted praise from city officials at Monday’s meeting.

“I want to at least say thank you for them willfully doing this, instead of fighting it like the previous administration did,” Council Member Shag Branham said. 

Officials previously reported that the hospital opposed annexation in prior years by having a resident living in the building. 

Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton said the city has a “real good working relationship” with the hospital’s new administration. 

“That’s a big yes,” Council Member David Gearheart said when it was his turn to vote. 

“Oh, yes,” Council member Don Willis said. 

With a measure approved by the city years ago to spur economic development, occupational taxes the hospital is required to pay as part of the city will be staggered. The city has a 1.5 percent occupational tax, and as part of the incentive to be annexed, ARH Highlands will pay 0.5 percent the first year, 1 percent the second year and 1.5 percent the third year. 

The city council also recently approved the second reading of an ordinance finalizing the annexation Ky. 321 and its right-of-way near the hospital.

At the meeting Monday, the council also adopted a resolution designating which roads are in the city, with officials reporting that the city was just cleaning up old city records.

The following roads were adopted as part of the city: 

South Arnold Ave, North Arnold Ave., North Front St., Blackcat Drive, West Friend St., East Music St., East Patton St., East Branham St., Trimble Branch, North Highland Ave., South Front St., East Court St., South Central Ave., South Highland Ave., College Lane, Deep St., Dickerson St., East Bridge St., East Friend St., East Graham St., Goble St., Burch Oak Lane, Carter Ave., East Dingus St., Lincoln St., Castle Court, East Richmond St., West Richmond St., Ford St., Earl St., Mary Jane Lane, South Hyden St., Irene St., Clark Lane, Lafferty Lane, North Hyden Lane, Maple Ave., East Burchett St., Riverside Dr., West Hughes St., McNalley Lane, Meadow Lark Lane, Mountain View, North Central Ave., South Circle Dr., Stanley Ave., Baldwin St., High Ave, South Railroad St., Allen Ave., Happy Hollow, Diamond Court, Diamond Court Spur, Scott Lane, Shepherd St., Archer Park Rd., West Branham St., West Marshall St., Westminster St., Clifton St., Neeley St., Jackson St., Porter Cemetery, West Patton St., Blaine Hall St., Short St., Hyden Lane, 4th St., Josephine Drive, Bevins St., East Marshall Drive, Greer St., Big Branch of Abbott Creek Rd., Masjid Ave., Meadowbrook Court, Pebblebrook Court, Cedar Trace, Laurel Ridge, Graystone Hills, Gray Estates, South Evergreen Lane, North Circle Drive, Briarwood St., Blanton St., Sparrow St., South Cardinal St., South Willow Lane, South Riverview Lane, Hillside St., Cooley St., Poplar St., Elm St., 3rd St., West Horn St., West Burchett St., North Mays Ave, 1st St., Stonewall Rd., 5th St., Aaron Court, North Roberts Dr., Kelly Lane, Resource Dr., South Roberts Dr., Burke Ave., North Harkins Ave., Moses Kitchen, Bingham St., North Evergreen Lane, North Willow Lane, North Riverview Lane, Wells Dr., South Mays Ave., Madison Ave., East Horn St., Kassidy Rd., East Garfield St., Herald St., East Harris St., West Garfield St., Crum Rd., North Hall Alley, Club St., East Porter St., East Hughes St., Davis St., Fancy Eagle Court, South Hall Alley, South Central Ave., Memorial Drive, Memorial Dr. Spur, Bob White Lane, North Cardinal St., 2nd St., Ransdell Lane, Howard St., West Harris St., West Court St., West Bridge St., RV May, Mayo Hollow, Grey Court, Mayo Branch Brandy Keg, Emerald Dr., Ridgewood Dr., Victoria St., Stuart St., Hamilton St., Rebecca St., Lee Wall Manor, Ralphes Run, Hal Rogers Dr., River Park, W. Dingus St., Black Cat Blvd., Music St., Crestowood Dr., Tiger Circle, Crestwood Circle, Sugar Camp Mountain Rd., Francis Court, Water Tower Rd., Midway St., Admelya Dr., Best St., Kelly Court, Stephens Branch Rd., Thursday St., Village Lane, Haywood Lane, West Music St., Half St., Hall St. and Lee Wall Manor Spur. 

The following roads were identified as not being part of the city: 

Josh Francis Dr., Bert Combs Dr., Spurlock Court, Richmond Cemetery Dr., Graystone Lane, Mayor Trail, Cliffside Circle, Dixie Court, Nalu Lane, Indian Hills Lane, Heather Lane — Woodie Blvd., Calhoun Lane, Franklin St., Collins St., Horseshoe Lane, Radio Rd., Rescue Court, New Castle Lane, Kelly Dr., Midway Dr., Hillside Center Dr. and Shoppers Path.

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