Destiny Blackburn-Conley

A Prestonsburg woman was arrested on a warrant issued for harassment of a teacher in a Floyd County elementary school, according to court documents.

The alleged harassment was related, court documents show, to her brother, Bobby Jordan “BJ” Blackburn, 26, of Prestonsburg, who is currently facing charges related to allegations he attempted to entice a minor to perform a sexual act via electronic communications means.

The documents said that Destiny Blackburn-Conley, 27, of Prestonsburg, was arrested June 1 on charges of menacing, harassment (no physical contact) and second-degree disorderly conduct after a May 31 incident at Prestonsburg Elementary School.

Prestonsburg Police Sgt. Ross Shurtleff alleges that Conley “unlawfully, with no legitimate or professional purpose, entered the victim’s classroom at Prestonsburg Elementary School (on May 31), and in a physically offensive manner, in the presence of 19 school-aged children, pointed at and aggressively approached the victim, telling the victim, ’I’m telling you face-to-face, you better lay off my brother.’”

Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy C. Penix executed the warrant, arresting Conley June 1, and she was lodged in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center, from which she was released on bond the following day.

Blackburn, 26, of Prestonsburg, turned himself into authorities on May 29, and was released from custody that evening. He is charged with one felony count of prohibited use of an electronic device to procure a minor for a sexual act. He is the pastor of Elevate Church in Prestonsburg and manages Giovanni’s of Prestonsburg, which is owned by his family.

Shurtleff alleges in the citation that on May 24, Sgt. Ralph Frasure responded to a complaint of the accused engaging in a conversation via iMessage with a teenager to procure her to engage in a sexual act with another underage female. Blackburn asked the minor to “engage in a ‘threesome’ with he and another minor,” Shurtleff wrote in the citation. He reported that the alleged victim is employed at Giovanni’s.

Shurtleff reported that Blackburn also allegedly coerced another female employee of the business to lie to the police. He explained in the citation that Blackburn “followed” that minor to the Prestonsburg Police Department on May 25. She attempted to give a statement that she had sent messages from Blackburn’s phone, Shurtleff reported, but she had “only a very limited knowledge” about the contents of the messages.

Shurtleff reported that the female recanted her statement when she was confronted with the inaccuracies and provided a written and audio statement alleging that Blackburn told her she would lose her job if she did not tell police she sent the messages herself.

Conley’s alleged crimes occurred on May 31, the day a story printed in the Floyd County Chronicle and Times about her brother’s arrest. She is scheduled to be arraigned in Floyd District Court on the same day as her brother, June 19.

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