A Floyd County man was arrested Friday afternoon after allegedly sending local law enforcement officers on a frantic “all units respond” call to find the shooter responsible for at least three murders at a home in Grethel. 

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department arrested Jimmy Hall, 35, of Grethel, following the incident. He is charged with falsely reporting an incident and public intoxication (controlled substance)

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department, the Kentucky State Police and Lifeguard Ambulance were called to the scene on Friday, June 28, after Hall allegedly reported that at least three people were dead and three other people were barricaded at his home on Hall Branch in Grethel. 

There were no murders in this case, however, and Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt said Hall was allegedly high on drugs.

“Thank God it didn’t happen,” he said. 

Hunt said Hall first reported that his five-year-old son had been killed.

“He first called and said that his own son had been shot,” Hunt said. “When police got there, he ran out there telling them there were bodies in the house and several people were killed.” 

Deputies responding to that call issued an alert seeking help from all units on duty and Lifeguard Ambulance and Kentucky State Police also responded. Upon investigation, however, officers “cleared” the home, reporting no shooting had taken place there. 

Hunt said this call is among several false reports that local police officers have received lately from people who are high on drugs.

“We’re getting more and more of these phone calls where people are saying somebody’s after them, somebody’s trying to kill them … You can’t afford to not take it somewhat serious. Now, you get to the point where you wonder when you get a call if this is just another druggie,” Hunt said. 

He said calls like these are dangerous for law enforcement because of the state of mind these individuals are in at the time. He said there have been calls which result in deputies investigating calls about people who are hallucinating, running through the hills with guns, claiming that someone else with a gun is chasing them. 

“You never know what these people are thinking,” he said. 

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