The Prestonsburg City Council took steps this week to correct an annexation that was approved 50 years ago.

During a July 15 meeting, the council unanimously approved a resolution that adopts a legal description of property the city annexed at Goble Roberts in 1968 and 1970.

City Clerk Sharon Setser said the resolution concerns about 24 acres in Goble Roberts that includes public housing apartment complexes. 

According to the resolution, ordinances annexing this property in 1968 and 1970 did not include the submission of maps of the area of annexation to the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office, as required.

The “city failed to make a correction to the map” to include the annexed areas, the resolution says. 

It notes that the city “does not intend to replace” the prior ordinances annexing the property, “but rather to interpret the defined boundaries of the territory previously annexed and adopt a modern legal description” of it. 

Land Surveyor Thomas Nairn prepared the legal description for the property. 

The city recently approved a similar ordinance adopting a legal description for annexed property on Mays Branch. Setser said the same issue impacts other areas of the city that was previously annexed, and the city expects to correct those legal descriptions as well.

In other news, city officials reported that the city has been cutting grass on property that is owned by a private individual.

The discussion came at the request of Council Member Harry Adams, who asked that the city continue to cut grass on property next to city hall that is owned by Roland E. 

Gray Sr. Gray sent the city a letter in April, asking Prestonsburg to vacate the property, posting signs calling it dangerous and unsafe. He alleged that the city failed to maintain and keep the property safe and free of “hazardous and attractive nuisances.” 

“Roland’s property out here, he was good enough to let us use it for as long as he did. I’d like to finish cutting the grass this season for him until he can figure out what he’s going to do with it,” Adams said. “In all fairness, he didn’t charge us anything. He’s good enough to let us have it, and I’d like to cut his grass for him until that’s —.”   

Stapleton said he talked about that issue with Gray. He said the city has been cutting the grass, but wasn’t able to do so during the holidays.

“I agree with you 100 percent,” Stapleton said. “We’re going to cut it. It’s just we’ve not had a chance.” 

The council also:

• Approved $42,000 in bills, with the majority, $25,000, paid to auditors White & Associates, PSC.

• Discussed issues with dogs, with officials reporting people are not cleaning up excrement left by dogs on sidewalks. Stapleton advised the public to send pictures or videos of people not cleaning up after their dogs so they can be charged with littering. Officials emphasized the need to raise awareness about the issue, with business owner Sheena Maynard offering to hold a social media campaign through her business, Lou’s Place for Pets, and visitor Cliff Latta suggesting the city offer more garbage cans in the city. Stapleton also reported the city is still working on creating an ordinance that would impose fines on people who leave pets in hot vehicles. 

• Learned that the sell of property on Stonecrest, approved at a prior meeting, is pending deed work. 

• Approved the renewal of an Air Evac contract for about $15,000. Through the contract, Prestonsburg residents who are flown out for medical care in the Big Sandy region are not charged more than what their health insurance pays for the flight. 

• Reported progress on the construction of the Pikeville Medical Center urgent care center, which is being built on South Lake Drive, with Stapleton reporting the hospital has a “very aggressive schedule” to complete it. 

• Learned from Mountain Arts Center Director Joe Campbell that the Kentucky Ballet inquired about renting the Jenny Wiley Amphitheatre to host “Ballet under the Stars” next year.

• Stapleton encouraged the public to attend the BackPack to School Bash, which begins at 6 p.m. on Friday, July 19, at the sports park on Stonecrest. 

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