The Kentucky State Police found an alleged meth lab at a home in Prater this week.

According to Floyd District Court records, Kentucky State Police Trooper Matt Martin determined through an investigation that methamphetamine was being manufactured at a home in Printer.

On Dec. 3, Martin arrested the occupants of that home, Randall Ratliff, 44, and Pamela S. Hall, 34, charging them with manufacturing methamphetamine, first-degree possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of meth precursor.

Martin alleges in the citations that upon speaking to Hall, who was a passenger in a traffic stop, he learned that there were “several one step labs” in her home. 

Hall granted troopers consent to search the home, Martin reported, and she accompanied Martin and other troopers to her home, where Ratliff was located.

“Upon speaking with him, he advised that he did have a little bit of crystal meth that was finished product from his last ‘cook’,” Martin wrote. “The subject retrieved the small clear bag from his bedroom and gave it to me.” 

Martin claims that there were several “one-step labs” throughout the home, as well as products used to make the illegal drug. 

The troopers called the DESI East (Drug Enforcement Special Investigations) for a cleanup of the residence, Martin reported.

“Upon speaking with Randall he advised me that he had been making crystal meth for the last year, and was cooking approximately one a week during that time period,” Martin wrote. “He stated to me that he had everything needed to cook except for the ‘cold pills.’”

Martin reported that Hall said she did not cook the meth, but knew it was happening in the home.

“(The) female stated she had not cooked, but was aware that Ratliff was cooking and he and her both would go to buy the precursors and cold pills,” Martin wrote. “(She) stated she was aware of the ingredients used to make the product. Through investigation it was discovered to drugs were at Hall’s brothers residence whose girlfriend used and cooked crystal meth as well.”

Martin noted in the citation that Hall’s brother granted consent to search his residence. It doesn’t appear that charges were filed against him, however.

Ratliff and Hall were arraigned by District Court Judge Eric Hall on Tuesday. Hall placed both of them under a $25,000 cash bond and scheduled a preliminary hearing for Dec. 10. 

Trooper Zach Bryson and Trooper Derek Coleman also assisted in this case. 

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