Rebidding saved some funds for the county

Floyd County Judge-Executive Robbie Williams, center, opens bids for the purchase of a new vehicles during an Aug. 21 meeting. County Attorney Keith Bartley is also pictured.

The Floyd County Fiscal Court saved some funds by seeking bids for the purchase of vehicles this month.

The fiscal court saved about $620 for the purchase of two 2020 Equinoxes from Pop’s Chevrolet on Aug. 21, accepting a bid of $46,890. The vehicles were purchased for county senior citizens centers, with officials saying they are “desperately needed” there.

The fiscal court previously voted to spend $47,510 to buy the vehicles from the company without seeking bids, with officials reporting that the company offered state bid price. The company, however, did not have a master agreement contract with the state, and the price of $23,755 each for those vehicles was slightly higher than those offered on the state contracts. After approving the purchase, the fiscal court voted, instead, to void the check and seek bids for the vehicles. Pop’s Chevrolet was the only company that submitted a bid, pricing the vehicles at $23,445 each.

The county is receiving a grant of $24,275 to buy the vehicles and officials said $15,000 in senior citizen center funding would be used for the purchase.

The fiscal court also approved spending more $42,600 to buy a vehicle from Jack Cane Ford for the sheriff’s department. That purchase was also funded by a grant of $21,800. The bid was about $5,000 more than the lowest bid from Paul Miller Ford, but officials said the low bid did not include upgrades the department needed.

The fiscal court also approved a resolution during a special meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 28, to help senior citizens centers.

During that meeting, they voted to request $143,400 in coal severance funding for senior citizens centers, allotting those funds to be spent with $18,500 going to Betsy Layne, $48,700 going to Martin, $14,800 going to McDowell, $19,700 going to Mud Creek, $28,600 going to Prestonsburg and $13,100 going to Wheelwright.

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