Jonathon Endicott

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department is still seeking the public’s help in capturing an alleged burglar wanted for stealing thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise from a gas station this month. 

The department has been searching for Jonathon Endicott of Auxier since the BP gas station on Ky. 3 was burglarized on Oct. 3.

“We are following leads and we do have units that are pretty much staying visible in that area and we are still asking for the public’s help on that,” Sheriff John Hunt said. “We have searched a couple of houses, residences that we thought he was staying at or should have been staying at. So far, nothing.” 

Floyd County Sheriff Sgt. Kevin Shepherd previously described Endicott as being 6 ft. tall, weighing 140 lbs., having brown hair and eyes and having tattoos on both arms and hands.

Shepherd said the department obtained video surveillance footage from the gas station that shows Endicott burglarizing it. 

He allegedly stole about $8,000 in cash and coins from a vehicle on the property and then went inside the gas station and its adjoining cooler and stole about $2,000 worth of commercial food products. 

“Throughout the night, you can see him on camera bringing items from these areas and bringing them to a certain spot,” Shepherd said. “He was trying to make a make-shift sled that he pulled with a bicycle that he also stole ... They weren’t even aware they were being robbed until the morning, until the male subject came in the back door and surprised the worker.”

Anonymous tips about Endicott’s whereabouts may be provided by calling the department at, (606) 929-2020.

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