By Mary Meadows

Staff Writer 

The Prestonsburg City Council took steps last week to sell property it owns on Stonecrest. 

The council unanimously approved a motion to declare four lots on Stonecrest as surplus property. 

Mayor Les Stapleton reported that three of the vacant lots were collectively appraised for $40,000, while another lot was appraised for $25,000. If they are sold, he said it could provide at least $65,000 for the city.

He reported they are the last lots on the right side of the road before driving up the hill to the golf course. 

“You got the townhouses, and then those (lots) on the right … There’s four lots there, and it would take someone buying all of them to be able to do anything,” Stapleton said. 

At the meeting, other items, including a utility bed, welder, a three-cycle engine and a 2009 Ford truck were also declared as surplus. 

Council members discussed the possibility of placing these items for sale on a website the city previously used to sell surplus items,, with officials reporting the city has received some decent bids from the website. 

In May, the city received 93 bids for the framework for a 100 ft. by 200 ft. steel building it sold on the website for $60,000. City Attorney Jennifer Elliott is researching the legality of placing real property on the website or whether the city should hire a realtor to sell the lots.

Answering a question from Council Member Don Willis, Stapleton said the city may have plans for an old log cabin that has been stored on Stonecrest for several years. The log cabin, which was believed to have been built in the 1880s, was discovered during the demolition of a home on Mays Branch several years ago. Prestonsburg Tourism bought it for $9,000 and later gave it to the city.

“We actually may have a plan for that,” Stapleton told Willis. “Tourism gave it to the City of Prestonsburg, and we’re looking at doing something on one of the trails, on the rail trail, having it set out there as a rest area, a place to get out of the weather … because it’s easily accessed by a vehicle and it’d be easy for us to get it up there.” 

The log cabin has been stored in pieces on Stonecrest and Stapleton reported several logs are “already gone.” The once two-story structure will be rebuilt as a one-story structure, he said. 

During the meeting, the council also:

•Approved $72,000 in bills, with the majority, $24,000, being paid for electricity.

•Learned that Rocky Ridge Stables will host a two-day horse show during the July 4 weekend and a camp for children this week. 

•Discussed matters in closed session for about 20 minutes, with Stapleton citing KRS 61.810 (c) an exemption allowing discussions of pending litigation and, (b), an exemption for the deliberations on the future acquisition or sale of real property if open discussion could affect the value of the property. No action was taken.

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