Varia donates $10K to MVES

Floyd County Board of Education member Dr. Chandra Varia, left, and members of her family, presented May Valley Elementary School officials with a $10,000 donation on Monday. 

Floyd County Board of Education member Dr. Chandra Varia donated $10,000 to May Valley Elementary School this week.

Varia made the donation during an Aug. 26 meeting at John M. Stumbo Elementary School. It’s one of several donations she and her family foundation have provided to the school district and county schools over the years.

Community Education Coordinator Pam Caudill said the funds will be used to improve “a very outdated computer lab” at MVES.

Superintendent Danny Adkins praised Varia for her generosity.

“She’s been a blessing to the Floyd County School System and she gives freely from the heart. She does it for the kids,” he said. “I want to thank her again, not just for her service. Not just for her donation, but just for the kind hearted love that she shows the children of Floyd County.”

Varia and her family received a standing ovation at the meeting.

She praised MVES, calling it one of the best schools in the district, and she talked about the high rate of poverty in the county. She said the donation comes during a religious Holy Week for her and her family.

She said she and her family donate to various causes because education is important to them and her religion, Jainism, emphasizes non-possessiveness and sharing.

Varia earned the Kentucky Board of Education’s Dr. Samuel Robinson Award in June. She moved to Floyd County in 1971 and opened a medical practice, where she delivered more than 3,000 children. She has since retired as a physician and has been a board of education member for decades.

She and her family have donated funds to numerous causes over the years, including donations that have helped build libraries, student centers, ball fields, gyms and other educational areas throughout the district. In April, James D. Adams Middle School cut the ribbon on a media center that was made possible through a $15,000 donation from the Varia Foundation.

She also established a $1.6 million scholarship fund for the 3,400 children she delivered.

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