For the first time ever, the Floyd County Fiscal Court will change to Independent hands, following the Nov. 6 general election. 

According to unofficial results provided by the Floyd County Clerk’s Office, Independent Robbie Williams won the race, beating the next-highest voter-getter, James “Jimmy” Rose, by 953 votes.

The final tally was 5,374 votes for Williams, votes for 4,421 for Rose, a Democrat, and 3,273 votes for Republican John DeRossett. 

Rose won by a narrow margin of more than 30 votes when he campaigned against sitting Judge-Executive Ben Hale in the primary election in May.

This leadership change will take effect in January, as other new members of the fiscal court begin their terms in office. 

In May, magistrates Ronnie Akers and Mike Tackett were the only two of four fiscal court members re-elected to their seats, with incumbents Randy Davis and John Goble losing their bid for re-election, and Tackett squeaked out of that primary election with only five votes more than his opponent.  

On Tuesday, Tackett maintained his seat, beating write-in Bobby Caudill of McDowell in District 3 by a vote of 2,098 to 372.

The District 1 seat currently held by Goble was also decided by voters this week.

Prestonsburg resident Mark D. Crider, a Democrat, beat Republican Floyd Skeans of Allen in that race. Crider walked away with 3,380 votes, and Skeans received 1,004  votes, the clerk’s office reported.

The election brought two new members to the Prestonsburg City Council, but Mayor Les Stapleton easily won reelection. There was also a change on the Wheelwright City Council, with one member, Vernon Smallwood, being ousted in this election.

Overwhelming, Spradlin Branch Residents voted, “No,” on the question of annexation by the city.

Below are election results with all precincts reporting in the Floyd County general election, according to results reported by the Floyd County Clerk’s Office. These results are unofficial until certified:

U.S. Congress, 5th District

(Reflects Floyd County votes only—other counties not included) 

• Incumbent Republican Harold “Hal” Rogers of Somerset: 8,763

• Democrat Kenneth S. Stepp of Manchester: 3,499

• Billy Ray Wilson of London (write-in): 15

State Representative, 95th District

(Reflects Floyd County votes only—other counties not included) 

• Democrat Ashley Tackett Laferty of Martin: 7,647

• Incumbent Republican Larry D. Brown of Prestonsburg: 5,239

•Write in: 3

Floyd County Judge-Executive

• Independent Robbie Williams of Prestonsburg: 5,374

• Democrat James “Jimmy” Rose of Martin: 4,421

• Republican John B. DeRossett of Prestonsburg: 3,273

•Write in: 7

Floyd County Jailer

• Democratic incumbent Stuart “Bear” Halbert of Martin: 8,829

• Republican Emmit Johnson of Prestonsburg: 3,261

•  Write in: 5 

Magistrate District 1

• Democrat Mark D. Crider of Prestonsburg: 3,380

• Republican Floyd Skeans of Allen: 1,004

•  Write –in: 3

Constable District 1

• Democratic incumbent Larry “Boss” Jarrell of Prestonsburg: 2,137

• Independent Bobby Hamilton of Prestonsburg: 1,718

•  Write in: 3 

Magistrate District 3

• Democratic incumbent Mike Tackett of Wheelwright: 2,098

• Bobby Caudill of McDowell (write-in): 372

Court of Appeals Judge, 7th/2nd 

(Reflects Floyd County votes only—other counties not included)

• David Allen Barber of Morehead: 6,715

• Larry E. Thompson of Pikeville: 4,198

•  Write –in: 7 

Allen City Commission (four members)

• Incumbent Elmer “Fudd” Parsons: 39

• Incumbent Joshua Kinzer: 33

• Incumbent Clyde Woods: 31

• Incumbent Eilene Kinzer: 25

• Harrison “Junior” Gibson: 15

•  Write –in: 2 

Prestonsburg Mayor

• Incumbent Les Stapleton: 909

• M. Bryan Lafferty: 466

•  Write in: 1 

Prestonsburg City Council (eight members)

• Rick Hughes: 754

• Incumbent BD Nunnery: 751

• Incumbent Don Willis: 758

• Incumbent C. Shag Branham: 746

• Incumbent Harry A. Adams: 685

• Incumbent David A. Gearheart: 679

• Incumbent Brittainy Branham: 627

• Josh Turner: 593

• Incumbent Mike Lafferty: 538

• Incumbent Roy Roberts: 499

• Brandi Clark: 427

• Cliff Latta III: 400

• Sheila Bryant: 285

•  Write in: 14

Wheelwright City Commission (four members)

• Incumbent Sam Little: 179

• Incumbent Bobby Wayne Akers: 165

• Dana McCown: 161

• Incumbent Andy Wayne Akers: 153

• Incumbent Vernon Smallwood: 148

•  Write in: 2

School Board District 1

• Incumbent Linda C. Gearheart of Prestonsburg: 1,421

• Alan J. Gullett of Prestonsburg: 922

• Write in: 8

School Board District 2

• Incumbent Dr. Chandra Varia of Martin: 1,651

• Shera Shelton Wagoner of Prestonsburg: 794

•Write in: 3

Spradlin Branch Annexation: 

• “No” votes against annexation: 54

• “Yes” votes for annexation: 9

Constitutional Amendment

Are you in favor of providing constitutional rights to victims of crime?

• “Yes”: 5,560

• “No”:  5,851

Several incumbents faced no opposition during the election, including members of the Martin City Council and Wayland City Commission. Regional results for the 95th Kentucky State Representative seat, the U.S. Congressman 5th District seat and the Court of Appeals Judge 7th/2nd seat were not available prior to print deadline. 

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