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Alabama has a total ban on abortion and Hollywood is going crazy.

Last week, the governor of Alabama signed legislation declaring that any type of abortion, unless medically necessary, will be illegal in the state. 

Abortion is a very controversial issue and can divide a family, state and perhaps a country. Abortion has been turned into a political nightmare as the right is totally against it and the left wants people to stay out of their uterus. Both sides are extreme. 

I don’t buy the left’s argument that women should do what they want with their own body. And I don’t buy the right’s total ban. When a woman has an abortion, it’s not her body she is killing. A total ban forces rape victims to carry a child. It also propels women to do horrible things in order to have a miscarriage, which should be criminal. 

There are many circumstances under which women get pregnant — married couples who are not ready or are tapped out financially. And getting pregnant will not save a marriage. Kids have nowhere to go and single people are often irresponsible. But the fact remains that people are having sex.

Teenagers have little to no outlets available to them. It’s an awkward subject and in some homes it is taboo, like alcohol. Some people think if they don’t discuss it at home then their kids will be sheltered and they will be immune, which is not the case. Peer pressure and curiosity sometimes overrule.

There are many methods of birth control, which are usually effective but are often not practiced out of fear of being discovered. Planned Parenthood centers do a good job after the fact, but if a young couple needs birth control, they get turned away. 

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, and it should take two to be prepared. The decision to have children is not an easy one, but the decision to have sex is way too easy. Couples should address that issue prior to engaging. 

If talking about birth control is too intimate, then they damn sure don’t need to be having sex. I don’t care what the left thinks they should be able to do with their body.

Some Hollywood actresses have vowed to abstain as a result of the Alabama ruling. The wacky elitists are hoping the Supreme Court will not allow Alabama law to result in the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, which could take a while, turning Hollywood into one frustrated place. If more people took a vow of celibacy, abortion may be a non-issue.

Allowing abortions without requirements or regulations opens the doors for a free-for-all. Just because people are incompetent, lazy or scared, they should not be allowed to terminate life, especially into term. Banning abortion opens the doors for rapists to procreate and unwanted pregnancies to end in horrible miscarriages. 

No good can come out of this issue unless the systemic values are changed. 

Thanks for reading the Floyd County Chronicle and Times. 

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