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We ask our readers to reach out and thank their local police officers this week in recognition of National Police Week, which is observed from May 12-18. 

The national observance, designated in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy, also marks today, May 15, as Peace Officers Memorial Day. 

Let this observance remind Floyd County residents about the dedication and sacrifice our local police officers and state troopers have to make in order to do their jobs. 

We cover the city and county governments that pay these officials and we can assuredly report that these men and women do not earn the pay they deserve. Our local governments could never adequately pay them for the service they are providing us. 

They are risking their lives to ensure our safety and security. They are sacrificing time with their families to serve our communities. These men and women risk their lives, miss holidays and special occasions with their families. They have to forgo things they could otherwise be doing to improve the quality of their own personal lives to keep us safe. They deserve our respect and our thanks.

Floyd County and all of Eastern Kentucky would be much different if there were no police officers serving our communities. 

Now the use of highly-addictive, illegal drugs like methamphetamine is leaving a mark on nearly every criminal case that passes through the Floyd County court system. Thefts, assaults, burglaries, wanton endangerment are among the drug-related charges filed regularly in Floyd County, and those are only a few of the many cases our police officers are investigating and risking their lives to solve, and they do it day after day.

Imagine waking up every day preparing to go to work knowing that something dangerous could happen and you could not make it home. 

These men and women do that every day. We have no idea why they care so much, but we are so thankful that we can count these folks — their dedication, their sacrifice — among the things that make our communities great.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to every officer and all law enforcement officials serving our communities. We ask our readers to please support these brave men and women. 

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