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Floyd County high school students are walking across the stage this week, bidding farewell to 12 years they’ve spent trying to figure out what makes the world go round. Hopefully, they’ve gained all the tools they need to start building a path that will help them pursue their dreams. Hopefully, their foundation is firm and their aspirations are high. This year has been challenging, to say the least, for the county school district, especially after the Kentucky Department of Education released its latest report, accusing Betsy Layne Elementary School administrators and teachers of cheating on state tests. Despite these allegations, we also know, without a doubt, that the district is full of dedicated and passionate educators who do, in fact, value the importance of a child’s education more than they value test scores. Education matters, and so do these educators. What they do every day in the classroom matters. Even with the problems that arose at BLES, we know that all county educators and district administrators played a part in the education of every graduate that has and will walk across the stage this week, either through direct teaching in the classroom or by sharing ideas, information or training that benefited other teachers. We ask our graduates and our readers to remember that. We hope the 2019 graduates remember the educators who touched their lives as they walk across the stage this week, and we hope they take the valuable lessons they learned onto whatever path they chose to take in the future. Some graduates will be immediately employed, having gained certifications in various trades, while others will move on to college in pursuit of their dreams. Whatever path these graduates take, we hope that it eventually leads them back home. Our region needs our best and brightest to help us grow, and we hope they use the skills they learn to help build the future we need here in Floyd County. Congratulations, graduates. While this achievement is profound, we know your work is just beginning. May you find what you need to reach your goals and take the right steps to get there.

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