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This morning, there are winners and losers.

There are those who backed winning candidates and those who are hurting from the knowledge that their candidate just couldn’t cross the finish line a winner.

And, as passionate as we Floyd County residents are about politics, there’s sure to be some hurt feelings and downright anger over the results. That’s to be expected. And right now, as long as it doesn’t spill over into action, that’s fine.

But today, we begin again. Today, we start a new day, with the same people in office as yesterday, and some candidates becoming officials-elect.

But for the next few months, no matter the results of the election, we will rely on the people who we’ve already elected to their current position to carry out their duties. And we expect those who will come into office anew at the end of this year to begin preparing.

You see, there’s simply no time to waste right now.

Even with the changes brought about through the election, we have not changed our position much yet, we’ve just changed who’s going to be taking the wheel.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work to lead Floyd County into the next few years.

It’s going to take long hours, dedication and some new ideas on the direction the community needs to travel.

Those who have lost or who are leaving their elected offices must keep their eyes on both the present and future.

We need to start healing the wounds this election has inflicted on participants. Holding grudges will only hinder all the good efforts that have already been undertaken.

Amongst those who will be departing various offices in December, we need to see a renewed effort to be leaders.

Each day that passes without positive progress is more like a step back for our community now more than ever.

And steps back are something we can’t afford.

So, to the winners, congratulations, now get ready, you’ve got to roll up those sleeves and get to work. To the losers, we’re sorry, but thank you for participating in the process.

And for all those in power, we need to make today a new day, a positive step forward in our community’s history. And it’s not being overly positive to expect that we can do that together.

That’s what we expect of each and every one of you. Don’t let us down.

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