After serving Floyd County for decades, we’re sure that County Clerk Chris Waugh has a pretty good guesstimate about the number of voters we can expect at the polls on Tuesday.

But we’re sure hoping he is wrong.

On Thursday, Waugh said he expects to only see about 10 percent — 10 percent — of Floyd County voters take time out of their busy lives to head to the polls. 

His estimate is plausible, given that in 2015, the last time a governor’s race was on the ballot, only 26.7 percent of voters in Floyd County — and 30.6 percent of voters statewide turned out to the polls.

It’s depressing to think that our state leaders — those folks who are funded by our tax dollars to ensure the rest of our tax dollars are wisely spent — can be selected by such a small minority.

It’s depressing to think that after all of the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families and with all of the challenges that we face, especially here in Eastern Kentucky, that more people don’t make it a priority to vote.

When only 10 percent votes, that’s like saying that we’ve got a room filled with 100 people, but only 10 of them are going to make our decisions for us.

Tuesday, voters will elect a governor and lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state auditor, state treasurer and commissioner of agriculture. 

Once elected, these folks may be serving in Frankfort, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the decisions they make will impact the people who live here in this county and every other Eastern Kentucky county.

If Eastern Kentucky does not vote — if it does not stand up and raise its voice and speak on election day — why would our leaders in Frankfort listen three years from now, when we’re asking for funding for the infrastructure we need to bring good paying jobs into our communities?

Why would they listen at all if we can’t show them that we care enough to vote?

Waugh said the people who make voting a priority will be the ones who travel to the precincts on Tuesday and cast their ballots. 

We hope that the people who decide to make voting a priority exceeds that 10 percent he thinks will vote.

Come on, Floyd County. Let’s prove him wrong. 

Let’s tell officials across the state that Eastern Kentucky has a voice and that what we have to say matters. 

Vote like your county depends on it, because you can rest assured, folks, that it does.

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