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Today, March 27, marks the 15th anniversary of the official opening of the East Kentucky Science Center and Planetarium.

Its first exhibit, “The World We Create,” says everything we need to know about the people who helped make this Eastern Kentucky jewel a reality.

It took years for organizers to build this facility. They started with only a desire to provide educational opportunities for children in Eastern Kentucky, and they spent years working to obtain enough funding to build that dream.

Today, the science center is one of only eight facilities in Kentucky that offers a planetarium, and its state-of-the-art equipment offers some of the most extraordinary views of our universe.

Director Steve Russo reported that at least 10,000 people visit the science center every year, and the solar eclipse upped the attendance last year to about 15,000 people. Those folks traveled to Prestonsburg from 14 counties and 50 schools in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia, Russo said.

The science center is one of this region’s most unique attractions because it brings in people of all ages, and when they come there, they walk away having learned something. We are so lucky to have it here in the heart of Floyd County. All local residents should support it.

Floyd County should be grateful for the contributions of Russo and his team, Big Sandy Community and Technical College and the individuals and groups that donate funds to help the center grow. 

Without a doubt, we also owe a huge thanks to the folks who decided the build a science center, right here in Eastern Kentucky those years ago. The footprint of the college, and this county, would be much different if they didn’t reach out and work to make their vision to reality.

We encourage our readers to take a lesson from them, in thinking of ways to improve their own lives and communities. They taught us that it may take years and a lot of hard work to reach our goals, but, once it’s all done, and we step back and look at what’s been created, all of that time and effort was worth it.

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