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On the surface, Floyd County is looking better from a job creation and economic standpoint. Like the rest of Eastern Kentucky, they have taken a hit, but they are making good decisions for the most part. 

The cities of Allen and Martin have their own issues. And as soon as either the feds or the state comes in and removes those people from office the better the county will be. 

Regardless of the side of the political machine on which you stand, you can rest assured that the healthcare in Floyd County will get exponentially better fast. Pikeville Medical Center is putting an urgent care facility in downtown Prestonsburg and will offer people in the county their services. 

Now that Highlands has been sold to ARH, they will be competing for that market share. You will see increased competition and services. Keep reading these pages to be informed. 

It was recently announced that the fiscal court is preparing private land for a local company to expand and add upwards of 20 new positions. These new jobs and the new ones at the two medical facilities will increase the tax base, essentially lowering taxes. 

The water issue is being aggressively addressed. Prestonsburg continues to lead the area in innovative ways to create traffic. The Floyd School system is on the right track with a top-notch superintendent whose mission is to offer the best learning experience for every child in the county.  The next issue that needs to be tackled is the debacle on Ky. 1428, the road between Allen and the backside of Prestonsburg. 

There was a slide there that closed the road for over two months. Then, with the help of Johnny Ray Turner and Ashley Tackett- Lafferty jumping up and down like crazy people, they were able to get one lane open for travel. 

The fact that the legislators had to get involved is abhorrent.

This road houses lots of businesses that have many employees, including the headquarters of Worldwide Equipment. Allen Elementary School is on that road and it’s the same road where the deadliest bus crash in the state happened.

Apparently, this slide was cause by eroded land that was either mined or used to extract gas. The earth gave out, the roadway is blocked and the issue is in litigation. And that’s the problem. 

Someone needs to get off their legal duff and demand that the road gets cleared up and done right. Let the state fix the road and submit a bill to whoever is responsible. If it’s a gas company or coal company they need to be responsible. The repairing of the road should not be tied up in court and anyone who is blocking the progress needs top be looked at for taking kickbacks. It’s a bush-league tactic and the residents and taxpayers suffer. 

If the elected officials are asking companies to invest in Floyd County, which has plenty of space available, especially on that stretch, then the road needs to be well maintained and opened and ready for business. 

Floyd County is emerging from the ashes but this road closure is fanning new flames. 

Thanks for reading the Floyd County Chronicle and Times.

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