The story of Trump-haters Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels keeps getting more and more sordid. It reminds me of a story in the Bible. If you’ll recall, a vulnerable guy named Adam was the first man to let a seductive gal named Eve lead him down the wrong path, and it’s been happening to us guys ever since. Thanks a lot Big A. 

Adam took a bite of Eve’s forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, and, as a result, God told them both to get the hell out of there and never come back. They hung their heads in shame and went about trying to find some clothes to put on. I’ve seen a similar thing happen at Marlow’s Country Palace, but that’s for another column.

Just a short while ago, Avenatti was featured on all the Trump-bashing TV stations, hundreds of times, touted as if he was the next coming. Now he’s been indicted for tax crimes, extortion and a host of other criminalistic hijinx. He went so far as to beat his famous client, who I’ll refer to as Eve Daniels, out of $300,000. My money says that if God hadn’t stepped in yet again, Avenatti would have wound up running for president, and he’d currently be the Democrat frontrunner. 

I wonder how loud they’d be screaming for his tax returns? I’d like to think that his tax-dodging documentation would roll out further than the dead sea scrolls, but I doubt it exists at all. And they’d have never asked for it anyway.

Avenatti allegedly tried to extort $25 million from Nike, a company that seems to be a magnet for clowns who are starving for attention. He’s also accused of identity theft. I can’t say as I blame him for that one, as if I were him, I’d want to be someone else too. Stormy would have been better off buddying up with the likes of Judas. 

Think about it: The liberal media’s mouths were watering for a criminal who will probably go to jail for 50 years, simply because he was the most ferocious Trump-hater of the day. This Avenatti creep was on their shows every day, accusing the president of everything in the book, as if Trump himself was the devil of the two. 

And they ate it up like forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden. That’s because they’re so gluttonous for low-hanging juiciness on the president, they’d chomp on anything you dangled in front of them. Even if it’s rotten.

When I wake up and see the trees, and the flowers and the birds, and Donald Trump is our president, it leaves no doubt that this world was truly created by our God in Heaven. 

But this same God doesn’t make it easy on those who continue to chase forbidden fruit. That’s why we’re all wearing clothes these days, CNN’s ratings are in the tank and Avenatti is going to prison.

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