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A television actor that I’d never heard of before hired two pumped-up Nigerian pool boys to beat him up in Chicago. Turns out Jussie Smollett’s goal was to gain sympathy from his fellow elite Hollywood liberals by blaming the concocted hoax on white Trump supporters. He paid $3,500 for a deluxe fake assault, but by the time the guys subtracted travel expenses and a trip to Ace Hardware for miscellaneous butt whipping gadgets, Smollett was barely left with his mascara smudged. The economy package he wound up with consisted of a classic Three Stooges eye poking and a feet tickling to where he laughed so hard he almost couldn’t breathe. A far cry from beaten to a pulp I’ll say, and all just made up fiction.

Seems Democrats have become the masters of illusion these days when it comes to hoaxes, to the point where if you didn’t know any better you’d think it was April Fools Day all year round. The sham Mueller investigation, the mack daddy of all hoaxes, sucked three years from our lives, not to mention $30 million from our wallets. And it’s looking more and more like Obama had his hand in this failed plot to overthrow the current President of the United States. I may never retrieve the three years, but I want my damn money back. There’s already enough hoaxes coming out of my paycheck to begin with.

Michael Avenatti, the creepy porn lawyer who CNN thought to be presidential material, is going to prison. Turns out, as if we didn’t already know, he’s simply another one of those bloviating Democrat scam artists who think they can get on TV and condemn other people’s actions while having far more skeletons in their own closet. In his case, skeletons that go by the names of extortion, embezzlement and fraud. Avenatti once claimed that Donald Trump was “not my president.” Well, where he’s going his new president goes by the name Ronald Thump, and he’s in the business of beating hot shot big mouths to a pulp. And that’s no lie.

Jussie Smollett’s case was dropped by a crooked prosecutor, though she did force him to do valuable “community service” by hanging out in Jesse Jackson’s office for a few days. I take it Al Sharpton must have been too busy with his own hoax workload and wasn’t available. I know one thing, Smollett better be glad he didn’t get him a dose of white privilege from the Chicago legal system. If the situation would have been reversed, if the hoaxer had been white and blaming two black guys, his life would be ruined. In other words, it’s a good thing Jussie Smollett doesn’t have a mullet.

The pulpy plot is obvious when it comes to today’s Democrat fiction. And I find it pleasantly ironic that liberals feel they must pay for fake butt whippings when all the while real ones are readily available for free.

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