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Our communities consist of residences, restaurants, grocery stores, repair shops, gas stations, pharmacies, schools and hospitals. We are neighbors and family. We do not intend to be separated. Martin does not have the right, morally, to come into our communities to disturb our way of life, especially, for them to obtain power and greed of our hard earned money.

Let us remind you Martin that no one from Prestonsburg and other parts of northern Floyd County come to Martin to shop. Your existence is totally dependent on the purchases that Left and Right Beaver citizens generously spend in Martin. Left and Right Beaver do not exist because of Martin. Martin exists because of Left and Right Beaver citizens.

The citizens of Left and Right Beaver are very upset with regards to the unfair nature of this proposed annexation. The business of Martin should be furious with their mayor, Sam Howell, and the council members, Charles Justice, Eulene Ratliff, Harold Case, Gary Akers, April Gayheart and Jim Reynolds.

If this annexation is successful, the City of Martin, its mayor and the six council members will forever have their reputation and character tarnished in the eyes of the majority of citizens of central Floyd County and the Left and Right Beaver areas.

“We the People” offer the following compromise proposal to the City of Martin: 

1.Martin ceases this poorly-designed and totally unfair annexation proposal. 

2.Martin makes an honest and truthful proposal containing the following: 

a.Community meetings explaining their intent and purpose of annexation of neighboring communities. Quit hiding behind closed doors.

b.Martin is fully transparent in all and every aspect of this endeavor.

c.Martin lists all taxes that they intend to impose of the annexed area.

d.Martin advises of the total revenue that they intend to collect from citizens.

e.Martin advises of what services it will extend to the annexed area.

f.Martin advises of when such services will be available to the annexed area.

g.Martin advises of how much they will spend to accomplish furnishing these services and benefits.

h.Martin shows how their annexation is financially feasible.

Martin annexes the entire communities consisting of all residences, commercial properties, schools, hospitals, etc. This allows all registered voters in the proposed annex area the right to vote the annexation up or down. These are our communities and we deserve the right to decide our destiny.

We the People ask only the City of Martin deal with us honestly, openly and allow us our right to vote a fair and balanced manner.

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