EASTERN — The Floyd Central High School volleyball program will be under the direction of a new head coach in the 2019 season. Former Allen Central High School head coach Darlene Moore has been chosen to guide the Lady Jaguars.

“It should go without saying that I am absolutely tickled to death and extremely pleased that I was chosen as the head coach at Floyd Central,” said Moore. “I fully understand that this is not a cake walk. Developing a productive high school program is challenging, rewarding and requires commitment. However, it is not about me, it is about the team and the program.

Moore replaces Alissa Young as Floyd Central head coach. In her lone season as head coach, Young guided Floyd Central to a 28-7 overall record, the 58th District championship and a 15th Region runner-up finish.

Moore has guided teams to titles on the high school and middle school levels. She is the Floyd Central volleyball team’s third head coach in three seasons.

“As a high school head coach, we have won the 15th Region championship, the 15th Region All ‘A’ championship, the 58th District championship and the Floyd County Conference,” said Moore. “We were undefeated in 15th Region play. The middle school teams I have coached have won four middle school A-Team championships, three B-Team championships and three C-Team championships. The A- and B-Teams were undefeated the past two seasons. However, my definition of success has expanded beyond the win-loss record; it is about uniting a group of individuals to pursue a common goal and overcome individual differences in order for the team to achieve its potential.”

Moore is looking to take the young Floyd Central volleyball program to the next level.

“I want to build our program on the premise that we will be the best high school volleyball program in the state,” confided Moore. “No, I do not expect to win the state championship next year or every year from now on. It does mean that this program will provide a tremendous opportunity for each athlete to develop as a player, grow as an individual and experience the best athletic environment possible. My vision for Floyd Central Volleyball is to move to the elite level. Our players must have this vision in mind in everything they do.

“I want the girls to have fun and enjoy the game; to be a winner and a class act. They should strive for continuous improvement and be their best athletically and academically. The coaching staff and the girls need to contribute to the total team effort at all times and support each other. Each team member must be disciplined and give 100 percent effort in practice, during the game and in the classroom. I truly want the team to love the battle, the competition, and the challenge – to play with pride and poise and play to win.”

Moore has coached several members of the Floyd Central volleyball team in past seasons.

“We are seeing the rewards of our middle school programs by ensuring our future players are receiving the necessary training to play high school volleyball,” added Moore. “Our continued success depends largely on the fundamental training received by our middle-schoolers. However, it does not stop there. Once at the high school, each individual girl must strive to be better. To reach the elite level requires a tremendous effort from all of us but it requires parental involvement and each player’s desire to better oneself and strive to play at the next level.  Our team’s players cannot sit back and think they have it made – they do not. To play volleyball at Floyd Central will require commitment and the desire to move to the elite level – the next level. The 2019 season starts now. Every player starts at zero with no kills, blocks, aces, digs or errors. There are no favorites. I want success for each player. I will give the team my best and 100 percent effort.  It will be up to them to earn a position on the court in practice. The best players will be selected for the team and the best six will be on the floor for any given situation. Best is based on skills, attitude, heart and potential.”

The Floyd Central volleyball team will open its 2019 season in August.

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