All Floyd County parks are now closed to the public, with an exception for people who use walking tracks at parks while maintaining social distancing.

Floyd County Parks and Recreation Director Don Hall posted signs announcing the closures at county parks on April 2, with the fiscal court reporting on Facebook that all parks are closed.

Hall reported in an interview that the closure does not prevent people from using walking tracks at the parks, if they practice social distancing, but it does mean that all playground equipment, basketball courts and other amenities at the parks are closed to the public.

He said signs were posted at county-owned parks in Garrett, Auxier, Wayland, Minnie, Abner and the Stumbo Park in Allen on April 2. Hall, mayor of Wheelwright, said he also closed ball courts in that city last week.

“I don’t want people gathering up in them. There was too many people gathering in them,” he said. “They can go in there and use the walking tracks, as long as they keep their six foot apart and everything. It’s just, those basketball courts, the last pretty day we had, there was probably 25 in there playing basketball. We can’t have that right now. We can’t have that. It’s in Pikeville and it’s going to be everywhere. I mean, we just got to take precautions.”

He said the closure comes to protect the public as the weather gets warmer.

“That’s all I know to do,” he said, “because this weekend, it’s going to be beautiful. What if somebody wants to go in one of them parks and have a birthday party? There you go. People’s going to go. It’s just like they’re not afraid. Young kids don’t understand.”

He said they parks will be closed until further notice.

He said, “I’m just trying to do my part.”

The City of Prestonsburg previously closed all playgrounds at city-owned parks, but those parks are open for other activities, as long as social distancing is maintained.

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