Floyd County Schools Superintendent Danny Adkins reported that the district’s delivery of meals to students will continue through spring break and it deliveries will change next week.

No Non Traditional Instruction work is required during district’s spring break, which is set for Thursday and Friday, April 2-3, but Adkins reported that “wonderful” cafeteria workers and bus drivers will still deliver meals to students.

“So be at your bus stop at your normal time, when you’ve normally been picking up your meals, and on Thursday and Friday, of Spring break, they will be delivering meals. Be sure to thank them because, again, this is their Spring break as well and they’re doing this for you,” Adkins said in an April 1 video update to students.

He reported that starting Monday, April 6, the meal delivery process will change.

“Next week, we have a little bit of a different approach to delivering meals,” he said.

He explained that meal deliveries will be reduced from five days a week to three days a week — on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

He also explained that on Monday and Wednesday, bus drivers will deliver enough food for children to eat breakfast and lunch for two days, and, on Fridays, bus drivers will deliver enough food for children to eat breakfast and lunch for that day.

“So, we’re trying to streamline that process, and the governor’s asking us to limit as much contact as we can, and this is going to help us do that,” he said. “And again, it helps you as well. You’re still getting meals, but you only have to be at your bus stop three days a week.”

To request food, call the following schools between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on week days:

•Adams Middle at (606) 886-2671

•Allen Elementary at, (606) 874-2165

•Betsy Layne Elementary at, (606) 263-6272

•Betsy Layne High School at, (606) 263-6280

•Duff-Allen Central at, (606) 358-9420

•Floyd Central High at, (606) 358-9200

•May Valley at, (606) 285-0883

•Renaissance Learning at, (606) 285-3634

•Prestonsburg Elementary at, (606) 886-3891

•Prestonsburg High at, (606) 886-2252

•Stumbo Elementary at, (606) 263-3634  

•South Floyd at, (606) 263-6175

The school district also offers a counselor hotline, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at, 886-4546.

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