As the Delta variant continues its surge across the country, Kentucky has one lone county that is not listed as red on the latest color-coded map.

Woodford County, with an incidence rate of 21.4 percent, is designated as orange, meaning, substantial cases of 10-25 cases per day, per 100,000 people.

According to the state map, the worst hit areas are in southeast Kentucky, with Owsley County leading the state with an incidence rate of 284.7 cases per 100,000 people.

There are several counties with rates above 200. Clay County has a rate of 246.9, with Bell County just behind at 245.9 percent. Whitley County also has a rate of 233.2.

The Bluegrass State now has 572,517 positive cases as of Aug. 30. 7,741 Kentuckians have lost their lives to COVID-19. Nearly eight million residents have been tested. Kentucky’s positivity rate stands at 13.45 percent.

As of Aug. 30, Floyd County reported 37 new cases, bringing the total number to 5,136. Eight of the reported cases involve children under the age of 18. 20 are now currently in the hospital. Eight of the 37 new cases were fully vaccinated.

According to the Floyd County Health Department, August has been the highest month of cases with 1,191, and replaced January when the county had 844 cases.

The department warns we will likely see a steep increase in numbers over the next few weeks.

Due to the huge increase the cases, the health department will not be able to contact cases within 24 hours.

According to the FCHD, if you are testing you should be prepared to stay home until you get your results from whomever did your test. You are responsible to isolate if you are positive.

With reports of some employees working who have tested positive, the health department warns;

“If you are allowing employees who are positive to work, you are helping contribute to this large increase in positive cases and could face liabilities,” the statement read.

The FCHD is having trouble reaching people who have tested in the past 24-48 hours, and stress giving correct contact information, such as address and phone number when testing.

The department asks that residents remain at home until you receive your results. Some test results are taking up to three days.

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