On Aug. 4, the Floyd County Health Department announced three new positive cases, bring the county’s total to 87.

According to Health Department Director Thursa Sloan, the three new cases are all male subjects, all of whom are currently quarantining. Two of the new cases, she said, are experiencing only mild symptoms.

Sloan said that people who may have come in contact with the new cases have already been notified.

Sloan said that most of the recent cases are still being tied to a number of social gathering such as family get-togethers or cookouts. She added that she believes Floyd County is beginning to slow in the amount of cases which could tied back to recent beach visits or vacations.

As of Aug. 4, Floyd County has seen a total of 87 positive cases, 15 of whom are currently quarantining with mild to no symptoms.

The health department, Sloan said, has been working very closely with the schools throughout the county, including Big Sandy Community and Technical College, as they prepare for the upcoming school year. She added the health department has also been “hands-on” in helping county prepare for the upcoming sports season.

Sloan said that health department has started looking into “fun or creative” ways to encourage individuals to practice proper mask wearing etiquette. Sloan said the department has been working with surrounding counties to help promote the “Mask Up” campaign, something on which an emphasis is being placed as the school year approaches.

Recently, according to Sloan, the health department has received a number of questions and complaints regarding why the department is able to release more information on some cases, as opposed to others. This is, she said, due to some cases being more difficult to trace than others. According to Slone, it’s more of a case-by-case situation, as some cases are not able to provide accurate tracing information because some of which may not be able to recollect the number of individuals they have been in contact with. In situations such as those, Sloan said, the department has to be able to get the proper information to the public and that’s why there are some cases in which more information is released.

Sloan said that the health department will be meeting with legal counsel in the coming days to see if more information can be provided regarding the cases.

Sloan and the health department would like individuals to remain diligent in proper social distancing and mask wearing.

“Our goal is to protect our community through education and awareness to help keep our people well and our community open,” Sloan said. “Please wear a mask.”

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