Floyd County has seen a spike of COVID-19 cases and health officials are working to deal with the increase.

According to Floyd County Public Health Director Thursa Sloan, as of Oct. 22, Floyd County has had a total of approximately 320 cases of COVID-19 since April, with four deaths attributed to to the disease. Within 87 active cases in the county, three are hospitalized.

Over the course of one week, Sloan said, there has been an increase throughout the Floyd County Schools District, which the board has been actively been reporting through its Facebook page and to the Floyd Chronicle. Over that period, the school system has experienced approximately 63 cases.

Regarding the escalation during the month of October, Sloan said a number of the positive cases have stemmed from several church revivals that have taken place throughout multiple counties.

“It was actually five counties,” Sloan said. “Magoffin, Johnson, Floyd, Lawrence and Knott County.”

According to Sloan, multiple cases have been attributed to two separate weeks of revival.

With flu season right around the corner, Sloan said the health department is trying to encourage people to get their flu shots, especially those such as older individuals. According to Sloan, the health department has begun administering flu shots, but the department mainly deals with older individuals, 65 years or older.

Sloan said that the health department has already begun preparations for a possible COVID-19 vaccine.

“They’re telling us it could come out as early as late November or early 2021,” Sloan said. “It would be a targeted area, for essential healthcare workers and those most vulnerable.”

She added that the health department has already formed a plan regarding the administration of the vaccine and that they are currently reviewing the plan to ensure that the department will have proper staffing. The health department is looking into options for a possible drive-thru setup for giving the vaccine

At first, Sloan said, individuals were hesitant to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, but that time has changed according to her.

“What we’re hearing now, from people who have had this virus, is that they want this vaccine,” Sloan said. “That’s a little bit of a turn, because I think that experience is power. And they’ve experienced that personal experience of being involved with this virus.”

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